Friday, March 14, 2008

Today I joined the local Art Gallery: Show Time!

Today I took two quilts to the local art gallery to be shown there in a "Member's Show" starting next Tuesday until April 14 (or there abouts). They will hang "Rose" and "Clematis".
To say I am feeling both proud and excited is an understatement. I met some wonderful artists while there who were bringing in their art, oils, paper textured art, etc.

The above postcard is one I made to leave there as my interest card. And I started a new blog spot for the purpose of exposing my work and gleaning commissions. While I was there one member already showed interest in my making her something. ;-)


  1. This is fabulous Lynn. Things are popping for you but YOU are making it happen. What a wonderful trip this has been for you the last few months.

  2. Good for you! You will be the Grandma Moishe of quilts very soon.

  3. PS I forgot to mention your business card.. WOW. COOL. and I just saw your kaleidoscope on the side bar on your quilts showing off. Cool.. Must be your new program. What fun. You just keep amazing us. :)

  4. Holy canoli! That's awesome. Neat that you made up cards. They are eye-catching. I like the kaleidescope thing your photo album is doing.

  5. Thanks gals...friends,
    Grandma Moishe! Yes! That is who I want to be! LOL
    I am having such fun.

  6. That sounds exciting and proactive!

  7. ohmygod, i am soooo excited, when you are famous I can say 'i have an original grandma moishe quilt',...yppppeeeee for you, i am so glad, you go girl go!!!
    love the kaleidoscope, big hugs and congrats.

  8. Wow! Lynn we are really proud of you!
    All this show how your artworks can communicate with all the people...
    Truly artistic and original.

  9. goodness. New blog, art show, new card to advertise, zooming kaleidoscopic visions in sidebar ( kinda makes me dizzy if I look too long), Lynn you are an inspiration. Creating, putting your creations out in the world. Congrats to you and good luck. And thanks for all your kind wishes for my mom who is now home and resting. Be well, Suki

  10. Hi Lynn, congratulations for exhibiting in the art gallery! I'm sure your quilts will have a great success! This is like a wonderful door to the artworld in your area! Have a wonderful Sunday

  11. Good luck with your new venture.

    I love your business card. Very eye catching:)


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