Sunday, March 30, 2008

Life's Crazy Pieces

I've had fun this weekend sewing and completing this most recent quilted wall hanging. This type of quilt is called a crazy patchwork quilt in traditional terms. Since I do not do traditional quilts, but wanted to try my hand at patchwork, I am calling this "Life's Crazy Pieces".

Today she (all my quilts have been female) got her completed top stitching done; her binding hand sewn as well as a sleeve for hanging purposes also hand sewn to the back. Then I added some tiny beads for some extra pizazz. (The colors in real life are much brighter than shown here.) Double clicking on photos, especially the last three show you more detail.

This is the back with sleeve at top.
And here you can see some of the beading, top stitching...

and more top stitching. Any one think I should try to get this one into the juried show?


  1. Another winner. How big is this one?
    Yes I think you should put it in a juried show.
    Reminds me a bit of some I saw this weekend at a craft show.. but your's is much better.

  2. I took another look at it and forgot to mention that even the back is cool. Well Done!

  3. She's a real beauty, she is. Yep, put that gal in the show.

  4. Bright and cheerful. I love the beads and top stitching and the off-centering of the squares. Definitely put it in the show.

    Be sure to check out my blog post on maple sugar candy giveaway. Leave a comment to be part of the contest. One happy winner to be chosen of Friday.

  5. Thanks for your support. The piece has to be judged first to be accepted into the juried show. So that will be my first brave thing to do on April 19. (My son's birthday!) They notify you on April 21st. I will be able to say "I tried".

  6. Most definately, try for the show. I LOVE this one. These are my colors! Good luck.

  7. Happy Anniversary! Keep smiling ...

  8. Lynniskynni, this is beautiful and you should try it! It still reminds me my childhood kaleidoskope, which I loved so much cause they were magical.
    These colours are magical too:)
    Very happy,

  9. oh yes, definitely try for the show, and if they need a reference send them my way....your son's b day is sure to be a lucky one, it's a real beauty.

  10. Of course try for the show! Go for it!

  11. Oh, my gosh. The close-up shots really show how much work you put into this. So much detail, so much variation in the stitching!


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