Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bathing Beauties, Fabric Finds, and Owl on Garage Sale Saturday

Garage Sale Saturday, this habit (addiction?) I keep promising to break keeps turning out wonderful finds (to me) so... how about these 1920 bathing beauties? One of them could be my mother! (50 cents each) And then there was the big rummage sale in Leisure Town, the senior citizen neighborhood of our fair city. I found these soft cotton handkerchiefs or are they napkins 6 for 50 cents. I thought they'd make something lovely as back ground or cut up as flower parts.
And then the biggest find of all... this box full of fabric sample books for FREE! I started pouring through them, and then I asked if I could just take the whole box. Sure! Yippie! They have to be great for many things.
We of course stopped by to see if we could see any burrowing owls and this lone fellow or gal was out to greet us. My new camera did well on distance/zooming in and Picasa helped me crop it even closer. They mowed out there recently so we aren't sure where all the other owls went. Hopefully they will return or are just hanging out under ground for now. This one couldn't or wouldn't say.Happy Saturday to all.


  1. Lynn.. I LOVE those bathing beauties.. they are absolutely darling. You find some cool things and the napkins or what ever are great finds too.
    I hope the owls are alright after the mowing. I wonder how many know about them.
    What a great day you had Garage saling. How fun to find such usable things.
    Happy sewing. :)

  2. Thanks for the great post on your Saturday finds! I was at work all day and with my recent travels (and my parents having very limited web access...I'm a bit behind reading and answering people's comments!

    I'm so glad you like the fish! :) I love how they turned out too...and yes, you are right they are Laurel Burch fishies, fused, cut and tacked down in their new pond. ;)

    have fun with your new box o'goodies! Can't wait to see what you create!

  3. You've found some good stuff, Lynn. As a quilt maker, sure you'll convert them to some cute artworks.
    The owl is so beautiful. Nice picture.

    Lynn, I'd like to thanks you for all your nice comments. They are really precious to me.
    You talked about war. One of my new posts is about war.

  4. Gorgeous owl picture. And what fun thrift shopping. Sampler books are great. Where DO you put all this stuff? :) PS it is ten degrees out this morning.

  5. yes i love thos bathing beauties, may even be worth a lotta money one day. my son and dil love going round 'car boot sales' and knick knack shops, i don't have the patience, why break this habit, it must be so relaxing.

  6. Suki, that was a very good question. Where do I put all this stuff? I told DH to put the box of fabric samples under my design table. There are grocery bags full of found and purchased fabrics there and around the family room already. I do not have "storage areas". So I am living with it!!!
    But if I put it too far away I won't see it and thus won't use it.
    The other things usually are for other people so I put them upstairs in a closet till gift giving times.

    FY: I don't know that it's "relaxing". It's more stimulating...a rush happens like from any addiction...but there is a bit of exercise involved with walking around! And then there is the arguing about when to stop and go home! But usually there is a lot of laughing and enjoying going on too.

  7. What an amazing haul! I'm jealous of the fabric books. I can't wait to see what you do with them!

  8. I can totally relate the the hunt for new and exciting "junque" and love thos bathing beauties. They are very unique! Keep going on the hunt, one day you may be on Antiques Roadshow.

  9. Hi Lynn, I too love those bathing beauties...My best friend and I used to wander through the old antique stores on Solano when we were in High school. finding old plates and lamps and vases... used to be fun, both stimulating and meditative.
    LOVE how you post to your blog- even in that your artistic ability is impressive.

  10. i am laughing right out loud because it has taken me a year to clear out my mom's and grandmother's stuff and now i'm working on my own and all i want to do is go find bathing beauties at a yard sale and free fabric or wallpaper books to play with! good for you! enjoy....


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