Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lynn Breaks Creativity Barrier!

I think I had a bit of a block in creativity after finishing my Clematis Wall Hanging! But today I moved ahead onto a brand new project.

It started with a book called Altered Photo Artistry by Beth Wheeler with Lori Marquette, which I had purchased a while back at the quilt shop in a near by town. (I took my best childhood friend, Patty, there to show her around). So I'd been reading the book off and on the past few days...thinking I wanted to make something like what they are doing in this book with photos and top stitching (free motion sewing) you know, "my thing" of late.

So combining the photography I love, and my flowers, I decided to use them in a "next project".

Last night I noticed in the book that one could make photos into kaleidoscope images, but I needed a special software to do this. I had recently purchased Adobe Photo Elements, as recommended by theses authors, but this was an extra complement to that program I would need. So I went on line and downloaded a copy for myself to add to my repertoire of tools. And wha-la! A kaleidoscope of my very own flowers was born.

Remember my camellias in my back yard? This is one flower turned into a kaleidoscope image.

And here it is sandwiched on top of batting and backing and top sewn with matching threads.
It still needs to be bound. I had an idea to piece several squares together as a wall hanging and still might do that, but first I am going to make individual pieces. Stay tuned for the next intallment.


  1. Lynn, That is fabulous. That would make a cool wall hanging for sure. Would you do different flowers? or more of the same? I dont know how you understand those books. I read them but without someone there showing me I find it difficult to GET IT.

  2. Oh I meant to also say that You just keep stretching your artistic ability on these projects. Kudos for that too.

  3. Lynn, great work, and your "own" flowerpictures! This looks very beautiful, sounds like a great project to do many of these!
    I'm looking forward to the suite,
    have a wonderful day

  4. Wow.. this is sooooooooooo cute.
    I love it so much..
    Your are very creative,lynn.

  5. and another 'wow' from me, one of your ardent fans...that pink is just splendid. you go girl.

  6. and another 'wow' from me, one of your ardent fans...that pink is just splendid. you go girl.


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