Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday Ride In The Countryside

It's a sunny warm beautiful spring morning here in California...we set out on our usual trek hunting for treasures. Today I found a lot of nature that seemed to me treasure enough!
We did come across this one piece of art in someones front yard that
I found interesting. A fallen soldier? An honor to someone who serves/ed? We stopped to say good morning to our friends the burrowing owls.

I couldn't believe this huge number of geese we came upon in the front yard of a home, granted it is in the outskirts of town...but live with this number of fowl in your front yard...

It seemed to me they were having an important meeting...

a Primary Election perhaps?

a neighborhood gathering for meeting friends?

just out sunning themselves on this beautiful day?

And then there was this wonderful field of yellow mustard spanning this horse barn on our way to, you guessed it, a country garage sale!

I did not come home with a ton of treasures... a few ( a children's book, some fabric trims and laces, a pair of good pinking shears, a tiny Raggedy Ann doll, a collectors plate, 3 interesting scarves and a beaded purse all to be used in some craft project)

But the morning out in nature was as I said before

treasure enough!


  1. Lynn, thanks for this lovely tour in your neighbourhood! I love geese!Not long ago I read a post on someone's blog about the way they communicate. There are people who specialize in geese-talk and they exactly know what they are talking about. I'd love have some geese here in my home, but...
    The mustard flowers are so beautiful, these are due here only in May! We will have to wait,
    have a wonderful weekend

  2. Oh Lynn I think you came home with tons of treasures. All these photos were lovely and what a satisfying feeling seeing them in person. I love those owls. and that mustard is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow! I absolutely love that last shot of the field of yellow flowers!
    ... And by the way, when are we getting another day with Henry?

  4. Elspeth, I will have to check in with Henry and find out what is new in his life...just looking periferally nothing much new seems to be happening, but who knows he may have a secret life I don't know about. I'll see if he wants to share it with you! ;-)

    But right now I am busy sewing kaliedoscope photos onto cloth. Will preview them when I get at least one done...later today? Maybe.

  5. Beautiful pictures Lynn, just beautiful. And those owls always crack me up!!

  6. statues, burrowing owls, geese and mustard plants, feels like home already to me. glorious.


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