Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesdays' Walk: Found Flowers

Today I took my new Fuji S700 camera out on my noontime walk. We found lots of beautiful flowers blooming along the way. The camera did a good job on close ups too.If you like your flowers big double click on the photo!

This one was fallen on the ground, still pretty though.

No idea what this is called, but oh so interesting.

I love Iceland poppies!

Welcome to the California Poppy!

And these just took my breath away!
I hope you enjoyed my walk with me. ;-)


  1. What a lovely walk. Loved it all.
    I spread CA poppy seeds three years ago out front & they didnt grow..then last year we had one bloom & bloom & it lasted all summer.. well this year I looked out front to find mulit plants growing everywhere. They must have spread more seed. I am so tickled.. I am hoping they all bloom like crazy this year.
    Thanks for sharing your walk with us. :)

  2. Sure I did!
    And I was careful not to step on that beauty on the ground!
    Thanks so much for taking us along!

  3. Oh wow Lynn, I'm speechless here! I am just happy with my hortensia on the balcony showing the tiniest little beginning of blossoms and now I look at this! These colours are awsome, and you live in quite a little paradise corner of this world:)

  4. oh my, my, how I enjoyed your walk! It's still very gray and brown around here with only a few brave crocuses up. Can't wait for more flowers. Love your new banner picture, too, though miss your colorful quilt!

  5. I am not sure how I found your blog, but I sure do love your shots of the flowers! THX! ~ jb///

  6. thanx i enjoyed the walk a lot, like that californian poppy. actually poppies are one of my favourite blooms.

  7. Thank you for the beauty, the sun on the petals. Here a wet snow is falling. Yes, AGAIN. Sigh. I love poppies and wow, I wonder what that interesting plant is. It looks like something from Star Trek.


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