Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursdays' Flower Walk

Human Being said she'd like to go on one of my flower noontime walks with me, so she flew over in her "other form" as Crow! And she and I had a delightful walk today...some 3000 steps in all over 30 minutes of awesome flower finds. Come along if you like and see for yourselves.

You'll remember these elephant leg trees I am sure...

But now so many new plants and flowers are in bloom...

This mansion on the corner was recently sold to new owners.

I just can't help wondering what they do with all those rooms.

Lots of art studio space maybe?

Isn't she pretty? She resides in a different garden further up the street.

Tulips on the ground and in trees...

Today this one took my breath away!

There were several bushes just full of these.

The last an iris also on a huge bush just loaded with them.

They are like ladies dancing to my eye.


  1. As it was opening up all I could say was OH OH OH.. oh how lovely..everyone single photo.
    Love the statue and my blue bells are coming up too. will be blooming soon. a bit behind you in there.
    Love those Elephant leg trees too. :)
    Oh and that house...all those rooms to clean.. No thanks. :)
    Thanks for sharing your lunch time walk with us all.

  2. Oh and I forgot to mention HB...Wasn't that nice of her to fly over and walk with you? How fun was that? :)

  3. Love the elephant leg trees and the tulips.

  4. ummm...i had snow today.

    one day, my spring will come...

  5. Such a beautiful place you live. Thank you for sharing this beauty with us. And hi human being. I've seen her around here too up in the trees.

    Today, it is snowing.

  6. Caaaaaw! Caaaaw!
    Yes, I did have a marvelous flower walk with Lynn... full of sparklies all around...

    And a unique sparkly thing Lynn just missed to photograph was...

    a lake full of love and beauty

    called LYNN.

    (Just the other day I understood that your name means 'lake')


  7. Lynn wonderful flowers, all of them and I do remember so well the elephant leg trees, the very favourite of today's flowers is the dancing Iris, I just love this one. And I can see her dance, dressed in paleviolet silk, oh how lovely

    PS your comment on Suki's blog saying that you wouldn't be a nice patient made me smile a lot. I can imagine :) :):)

  8. What a lovely walk, so much love bursting forth in the form of flowers...and the magic Crow visiting you, too!


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