Monday, April 7, 2008

Are you close to Minnesota? You might want to see this play.

I received this letter today from my SIL that was written by our nephew Allen. Allen is an actor, dancer, singer and is currently in a play called DEAR FINDER at his university in Duluth, MN. I am sharing this letter so if you are in the area and can and feel the importance of this play you might make it there and support Allen and the rest of the cast. (How fitting that I get this after posting Diane's holocaust quilt). Hey everyone, Right now I am doing a show called Dear Finder, a play about the holocaust. Normally when I do shows I say that everyone needs to come see me, but with this show I really do want an audience of people I know. The last time this show was done was in Wisconsin about 5 years ago, and in the audience were a bunch of Neo Nazis who protested afterwards claiming that the holocaust never happened. I don't want that to be the case with this performance of the show, I want people who I know are respectful towards the dead and that is why I invited all of you. In some way or another you all have let me know that you are compassionate people, and I want people like you in the audience rather than protesters. This is easily the most intense and most important show I have ever worked on in my life, and I wish to share it with you. So if you can come I would be beyond grateful, and if you can't I will understand but will be sad. Here are the dates for the show and the information to get tickets, If you know anyone up here besides me we can also knock 2 dollars of the ticket price as UMD students. The show goes for 2 weekends, April 24-April 27 Thursday thru Sunday, all starting at 7:30 except Sunday which begins at 2:00 & April 30-May 3 Wednesday thru Saturday again all at 7:30. All Performances take place in MPAC stage at the University of Minnesota Duluth 1215 Ordean Court, Duluth MN, 55812 Prices: UMD Student $6 Child (12 and under) $8 Senior (62 and over) $13 Adult $17 Tickets are on sale now again I hope you all can come, this show is really important to me.


  1. Oh I hope no one protests a college performance....any for that matter. I dont understand those that say it never happened, and to protest it.

  2. oops.. forgot to add on that it was timely you posting that beautiful quilt and then getting this from your Nephew. Hope it is a success for him.

  3. Lynn, this is a beautiful touching letter from your Nephew! I hope he gets as many as possible respectful and interested and good persons in the audience!

  4. Wonderful your nephew is doing this play. People are odd aren't they--thinking of the neo-Nazi's. I hope this time is goes smoother for the play. Sounds interesting but I won't be near that region of the country. Thanks for sharing.

  5. very impressive.
    Liked the idea you told Hopper to post his poem on that date.

    We should respect all those who were killed innocently.


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