Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A brisk flower walk today!

A brisk walk at noontime today, to drop a letter to New Zeland at the post so I can get Sukipoets' Housekeeper's Shield soon; a stop at the bank, stopping along the way to shoot some flowers. Remember that wierd green one a few weeks back with the spikey leaves all up and down it like spines? Today I found it in full bloom! What a delightful surprise! I also loved the lone black tulip! And those wonderful roses.
And one stunted lemon in a tree full of them. Enjoy!


  1. WOW.. what a cool plant. Of course I love those flowers.. they are PINK. lol. You hit pay dirt today with these shots. Good thing you are walking now, you get to see lots of fun plants. Even the deformed lemon is interesting.

  2. I wanted to thank you for your very touching comment on my blog regards a poem I wrote about Bergen-Belsen... the experiences of WWII left a deep scar in the collective memories of Newfoundlanders... and though there are not many veterans left alive from that conflict its stories have been passed on... I will repost on May 1 as you suggested... and i hope you don't mind I've added a link to your site on mine... we seem to have a lot of common friends...

  3. I love lemons. Lovely flowers and plants. Weird shapes. Makes me feel warm just looking at them blooming.

  4. Hopper, I am honored to receive a link on your blog. Your poem was very meaningful to me. Thank you for posting it again on May 1, Holocaust Remembrance Day.

    Yes, aren't these flowers awesome?

  5. Lynniskynni:) I love the torsioned lemon! And this big strange plant, like a beautiful caterpillar it is praising the sun there, perhaps it will change into a giant wonderful butterfly ?
    Love your pictures, what a beautiful world:)

  6. Hi lynn,
    Miss you a lot!
    Your brisk walk was a slowmotion show for me full of beauty and wonders...
    that weird flower ...I'd never seen such a flower in my life!
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. pink pink and more pink, gorgeous, i think we're all feeling a 'spring' in our steps!

  8. Amazing flower..and you got Suki's shield ! wow

  9. all things are set before us
    the hidden wanting to be found
    seething in the branches
    of a lemon tree
    turned up
    and the snow
    falling faintly
    through the universe
    faintly falling on the window-sil
    for your attention


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