Thursday, April 10, 2008

A gift from Hopper!

What could bring more joy than a poem written as comment from a new blogland friend?
Thank you Hopper. I am so touched. My heart is simply bursting with happiness.
Read this friends:

After seeing my last post Hopper said:

all things are set before us
the hidden wanting to be found
seething in the branches
of a lemon tree
turned up
and the snow
falling faintly
through the universe
faintly falling on the window-sil
for your attention


My friends who know this bit are rallying round to help me through. This is my best chldhood friend, Patty, who helped me through a two teeth pulling a few years back. I needed the reminder of her in her Nurse Curity cap to help me with tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am getting a little procedure done on my right eye by laser to fix a hole in the retina.
I am sure it's an easy and out, done, all better.
Unfortunately I am one of those less brave souls in doctors offices
and things with eyes, well forget it.
But my PCP gave me some pills and I will take one, or more if nec, to get me through.
Any positive energy you can send my way around 11 and on tomorrow morning will be
;-) I'll be fine.
I will.
I know I will.
I am practicing bravery now as we speak!


  1. Hey Miss Lynn-
    take your ativan, breath deeply, it will soon be done. Thank goodness it is being fixed! we need your sharp eyes to make more beautiful quilts and take more poetic photos and all those good things.
    Tell Fred we are glad he is gonna hang with you tomorrow-- nice to have your partner by your side.
    hugs Lisa

  2. Yes, Hopper and his poetry are fascinating... I'm really enthraled by his well-knit net of imagery, sounds and concepts which "set before us
    the hidden wanting to be found"
    Regarding the surgery, as I told you before, i'm sure it will be easy and successful... you yourself are a well of positive energy with a healing power....
    My humble soul has been with you since the moment I understood about it...
    May all the healing energy of Mother Earth be with you now and always.

  3. Hope all goes well with the procedure. I know people who have had similar treatment and they have said that it is pretty straight forward stuff.
    You'll do great!
    best wishes

  4. Hello Lynn. I am reading this on Friday. So I send prayers for you. With nurse curity in your minds eye and your calm down pills, and your husband by your side, I know you will do well. My friend F just had a similar proceedure on her eye too and she's fine. Many blessings and take care of you, Suki

  5. With positive enery like this I can't help but have a positive experience and stay calm holding it all in my heart. Thank you all so much.

  6. it's friday here, at 4 pm and i'm sending all my positive energy straight over there to you, right away. i'm sure it'll be fine. i'm squeamish too with medical things, but they usually go better than i feared! hugs hugs hugs and let us know asap.

  7. You will do fine Lynn, I have already sent my good wishes and positive energy your way. Just think of that wonderful poem today.
    Hugs and good wishes again.

  8. energy coming your way. you will be just fine! Let us know,

  9. you are in my thoughts... i don't need to wish you good luck as you have plenty of positive energy and warm wishes... you're gonna be just fine... don't worry...

  10. love and strength and healing energy is coming your way! Ready? Here it comes! ;)

  11. how are you today? silly question as you probably won't be reading this yet anyway. but i know you can feel my thoughts and 'chicken soup' winging it's way over to you..
    "chicken soup.why chicken soup? it can't hurt!!!" giggle...

  12. I survived!
    With the help and good wishes of all my friends here and at home, family, I made it through.

    Lots of deep breathing, mostly with the reminder from my DH to breathe, I got through this. The pill made me groggy but did not eradicate the fear entirely...darn it. But nevertheless the whole process was quick and painless and done before I had a chance to be too dramatic one way or another.

    Thanks to one and all, I could not have done it without your support.

    I am today, none much the worst for wear...have a bloody looking eye, but they assure me this too will heal, and I am I guess good as new, and good to go!

  13. Hooray!
    Thank God ...Lynn's back ...and sure good as new.
    so happy everything's gone smoothly.
    wish i were there... i really want to hug you badly..
    hugs hugs hugs and kisses


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