Saturday, April 12, 2008

I survivied

I survived! With the help and good wishes of all my friends here, at home, and family, I made it through. Lots of deep breathing, mostly with the reminder from my DH to breathe, I got through this. The pill made me groggy but did not eradicate the fear entirely...darn it. But nevertheless the whole process was quick and painless and done before I had a chance to be too dramatic one way or another. Thanks to one and all, I could not have done it without your support. (chicken soup and all!) I am today, none much the worse for wear...have a bloody looking eye, but they assure me this too will heal, and I am I guess good as new, and good to go!


  1. Very glad to hear that you made it through okay and that it was less of an ordeal than you were worried about about.
    Be well!

  2. Hurrah for your bravery at facing the ordeal and coming out the other side. Take care, Suki

  3. I repeat all my hopping joy in the previous post here;

    Thank God ...Lynn's back ...and sure good as new.
    so happy everything's gone smoothly.
    wish i were there... i really want to hug you badly..
    hugs hugs hugs and kisses

    (this one is funny!)
    we come to you in our landers
    passing through stars and planets
    did you know that
    the world yearns for your wonders?

  4. Glad to know it went well. Strange how all of your posts don't show up as new on my blogroll (Bloglines).

  5. I am well and more well from your well wishes one and all.
    Today, now two days later I am even weller, feeling better, and get to go be with daughter and grandchildren.Thank God for modern medicine I can SEE them and Enjoy them and hug them and love them.
    Oh I runnith over with joy today!

  6. yipppppeeeeee, the chicken soup glad you're fine, couldn't stop thinking about you. i am terrible as i do the 'what if' in my head (as i'm sure you do too!) hear hear, thank god for modern medicine and a loving family and friends.


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