Monday, April 14, 2008

Art and Grandkids Day!

Needless to say? I had a wonderful Sunday with my grand kids. They painted on one big canvas with acrylic paints. I taught them about "mixed media" and they added stickers and ribbons to the paintings! We played indoors and out, Grandpa and Grandson had a guitar duo going, they played invented games on tricycles carrying boxes on the back loaded with balls, and brooms, and rackets, being delivery people.
We took a nature walk where we identified lots and lots of flowers in bloom.

These are grandma and grand daughters shoes; and granddaughters favorite monkey dressed in a sweater I crocheted for her when she was a new born preemie, knowing full well that one day it would be doll clothes! And now it is.

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  1. Sounds like a fun day was had by all. Even Grandpa. :)
    The pictures will tied you over till next time. Dont you just love cameras that can freeze a moment in time. :)

  2. oh.. Great shots of shoes and crafts. I see an elephant in the painting. Is it coming out of the deep dark jungle? :)

  3. ' love is....
    a day with the grandkids...'

  4. Love the shoes-once I took a similar picture of lovely laundry hanging on the line... and my boyfriend said, "Laundry?????" but it was so pretty, background of garden and apple tree. Your nestling intergenerational shoes make me think of that nice vision!!!

  5. what a beautiful and blessed day... i remember days like this with my family when i was very young... the band-aid in your granddaughters arm makes it perfect... kids playing in a garden is why there was gardens to begin with... thanks for the nice moment to start off my day...

  6. I love the mixed media piece (and the two pair of shoes ;)
    Have a wonderful day, I hope your eye is fine.

  7. you've changed your banner again, this is delicious, springlike and alive! how is the eye now? hope doing fine.

  8. What a great day and what a lovely piece of art. I love having my grandchildren around to play. Thanks for the birthday wishes and kind comments

  9. Love the energy in that painting. Sounds like fun was had by all. Lisa, I happen to LOVE pictures of laundry on the line, and have written a poem abt laundry and also a short non-fiction piece about it. Laundry tells a story of the people who live in the house. Be well, Suki

  10. Wow such a great day...
    love their color art....
    kiss them for me...


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