Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Title: Love Blooms in the Garden

Words added to back of "Love Blooms in the Garden" Double Click to read words.

I've added a heart and my soon to be married son, and fiance in the middle of the clematis garden to make it more theirs and mine.


  1. Cute title. They will love it. Makes it more personal. does your brain ever run out of ideas? lol

  2. Lynn, love your flying-in pictures of so many of your arts and crafts- in particular the wonderful dolls you made for your grandkids.

  3. we
    on the fresh air
    and breath
    the lively colors
    of life ...

    we kiss
    the glittering aroma
    of hope...

    and flowers
    declare us
    to be
    husband and wife...

  4. Thanks all. HB your poem warms my heart. Might I add this to some card with this gift for my son and wife to be? How wonderful to receive this poem from your heart of hearts!

  5. A beautiful wedding gift. And human being, your poem so perfect.

    My friend Mort, who was very poor, wrote poems for people all the time as gifts and even "payment" for services such as picture framing etc. He was always writing poems to commemorate events even the college football teams winning the games. I love this tradition.

  6. ohmigod, see what i mean, this just completely personalises the whole thing, bringing so much more to it than before. they will love it!

  7. sure you might, dear lynn
    my honor...
    wish them the best...

    that was the love in your heart pouring into my words.. :)


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