Saturday, April 26, 2008

Art Show and Reception On Cloud Nine

What can I say? My first ever art show was unbelievable for me. Perhaps its being brand new to this arena, perhaps just being naive, it was for me a huge excitement.
I invited my next door neighbors and my best childhood friend to join us. Patty, who I've known since infancy, came laden down with flowers! Dave and Donna joined us for a pre-show dinner.

The gallery was all lit up, the paintings, prints, photos, mixed media, textile, jewelry, sculptures, all looked so awesome on the walls and pillars. I thought the art work looked PROUD of itself. I know mine was. I had things spread out in three rooms. Life's Crazy Pieces was way up high above two other pieces of art with a light shining right on it. It's gold threads sparkled in that light.
Abstract in Black and White: Frayed Roses stood in the hallway, and Riding the Rails of the Orient Express had a corner spot in the back most room. And it looked incredibly proud with it's green ribbon hanging down from it's hanging rod.

My dear husband and friend followed me around to take photos of me and my work. A lovely woman gave me the most wonderful compliments as I stood to be photographed with RTROTOE. Wow.

I just had a hard time believing it was all happening to me.
Of course there were lots and lots of other artists there hopefully all feeling as excited and as proud as I was feeling. And lots of supportive friends and family members. It was just a grand, grand evening.

I wish you all could have been there with me, as I did feel I owed you all a huge thank you for helping me get to where I am and had you been there I would have said so right directly to YOU.
Thank you for your continuing encouragement and examples to create and take risks and grow...and even to crow! As I am fully aware that I am CROWING!


  1. Just awesome for you, and all your blogging friends have been right behind you - cheering and whispering "you can do it!" Congrads on your show.

    And a note on the piece you bought from Suki - it also reminded me of a Jewish piece, it's very interesting that you saw that also, It's a wonderful piece!

  2. a festival of colors and light and beauties... of art and creativity ... of truth and friendship ... of love...

    Lynn, you are singing a beautiful and truthful song of life...
    wish i could see you in person and hug you (close encounter of the 3rd kind!)

  3. Too cool, Lynn. You look so happy with that big smile and sparkle in your eye, standing before your creative works. Maybe you said before, but the railroad quilt won an award! Congrats on the whole thing. It sounds lovely and such a good turnout. thanks for sharing this moment with us. Be well, Suki

  4. Wow.. First off Congratulations and that said. You looked MARVELOUS DARLING. In the words of Billy Crystal.:) Your weight loss shows, your smile glows, & Your Art work flows. What a lovely evening to show how far you've come in so short a time.
    I am so Happy for you and you've only just begun.

  5. I forgot to mention that it was nice to meet your friend and neighbors too and I love the shot of the Lady with the dog in her arms looking at all the art. :)

  6. Mamma mia, Lynn- what an elegant event! your quilts look like gallery pieces- and you look fabulous. The health plan has paid off impressively. Fred also looked quite charming.
    way to go!

  7. Well done you! Glad to hear that things are going so well for you.

  8. mazeltov again, you certainly do deserve it. thanx for sending me these pics. how much weight have you lost? (from the person who gave you your first commission)...

  9. Thank you (Toda) dear person who gave me my first commission! ;-) I have lost 10 pounds since Janurary. Still working on it...walking nearly everyday, and other stuff too (crunches, weights)... Feeling fit and happy.

  10. Thank you all for your wonderful praise and for joining me in my happiness here. Your continued encouragement means the world to me. I hug you all!

  11. Congratulations! How exiting this must have been!


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