Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dawn for Hopper's Poetry Challenge

Could not sleep, tossed and turned Cat woke up disturbed by thrashing feet Clock said 2, then 3, then 4... Would dawn never come? Oh how I wanted to be at my design table With scissors in hand Fabric flying every where At dawn I could finally get up and sleepy eyed Trudge downstairs and grope for scissors and fabric Longing to turn it into a gift of love.


  1. The second line of your poem smells of Henry.

  2. Elspeth you are too funny...and of course it was Henry...poor where to be at peace.

  3. I can just visualize this when your creative juices are at work. No rest for the Creative mind!! :)

  4. Lynn...this is great! in fact I should wrote GREAAAAAAAT!

    yes we see all the things related to your life...but this poem transcends your personal life and experiences...
    it's talking about love's formless and sizzling being which is yearning to take a shape...a form ... and this is done at dawn... that time of the day significant of birth...

    oh ya... love is born into art... this is the cry of creativity...
    and you have always been a fountain full of art... full of creativity... since you are full of love... and care...

    love to you my sleepless love-stricken caring friend...

  5. thanks for playing along lynn... i'm a total insomniac myself... think i've seen the sun come up for every day now like four years in a row... getting to be a bit of a compulsion for me... like i've got to see the sun come up... ah well...

    liked your aubade a lot... lots of layers working here... sort of like your work in design i'm guessing... funny how skills from one craft are so well transfered into another...

    i also like very much how you've worked some slant-rhyme into the piece... have you done any courses on poetry??? you seem to have a real good grasp of its intricacies... something i'm trying to come to grips with...

    again... thanks for keeping in touch with me... i appreciate the friendship...

  6. ha ha this is delightful, absolutely YOU!

  7. Hi Lynn, this has happened to me too. Waking up tossing and turning with ideas and an itch to get to work. Great fun.

  8. Hopper you are too kind. I maybe took one class in Under Grad work in poetry 100 years ago, but remember nothing learned.
    The words just rolled out and I laid them down with keyboard.
    No idea of WHAT I did.
    No idea what "slanted rhyme" is or where?
    No idea of "intricacies" you mention.
    I guess I was just lucky! LOL
    (I actually thought I might get laughed at). And what is an aubade?

    HB thank YOU too for such accolades, my head spinnith over.

    Thanks all.


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