Monday, April 21, 2008

A MOST UNUSUAL DAY: Beyond my wildest Dreams

Well now I need to tell you a few things about my day.
It was a bit stressful knowing that I was waiting for a phone call that very well
might not come. We would only be called if any of our works were selected by the judges, if not we were to pick up our art work by 7 PM tonight.

Then lo and behold, I who usually let the message center pick up my phone calls,
answered a call that came between clients around 3 PM.
It was someone from the art gallery telling me that 3 of my pieces were selected by the judges to be in the Juried Art Show! I could not believe what I was hearing.

I must have made that poor woman tell me three times.
She said that they selected:
1. Riding The Rails of The Orient Express
2. Life's Crazy Pieces
3. Abstract Black and White: Frayed Roses

I am still in shock.

I had to see two more clients before I could go to the art gallery to
make sure this was real, and pick up the pieces that were rejected.

At six o'clock I high tailed it over there, and was given lots of kudos and congratulations.
I got my stuff they did not choose packed up and then Judy, the director told me
I also won an award! Oy, not only did I make it into the show, which was enough for me and is huge in and of itself, I also got an honorable mention for Riding the Rails...

As if that was not enough,while I was there a reporter/photographer from the local newspaper was photographing the winning pieces (best of show, first, second, and third prized pieces)...
Judy asked me if I'd mind standing with my piece Rails for a news piece!
Would I mind?

Okay, sure, why not. I was still in a complete state of shock. I just wanted to giggle and I think I did...a lot. Probably a whole lot.

That done Steve, the assistant director, said not to go yet. To put my things on the table and wait. They had something else to ask of me.
Judy came in and asked if I would let them photograph my Abstract Black and White piecefor the cover of their program or something still not sure what but I said no in a joking way,
then said of course I'd be honored. They weren't sure they'd use it but felt it might show better than a picture framed under glass.

Then I flew home to tell DH.

Needless to say there is a cloud with my name on it and I am floating up high tonight.
I will try to keep my head on my shoulders and not float away completely,
but believe me this is beyond my wildest dreams.

Whew, now I think I will go sew.

[This is the first show of any sort I have entered my art in. They chose 100 pieces from 400 pieces of a mixture of oil paintings, water colors, photography, jewelry, sculptures, textile, mixed media, entered. Mine were in competition with all of the above mentioned entries. I feel so humbled]


  1. OMG.. CONGRATS FOR EVERYTHING. Getting 3 things in and winning an honerable mention & getting photographed. I hope they use your photo on the cover too. Good thing you did that last quilt. KUDOS AND CONGRATS AGAIN!!!!! WE KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!!
    Dont float away we like having you around. :)

  2. That's fantastic, L. Congratulations. As I read it I thought it all sounded like one of those old time paintings - the ones where there's a woman sitting in the garden and all these angels are hovering around her but she doesn't see them. The angels look like they are whispering and planning things and she is totally unaware. Your success is like that - I envisioned the angels hovering around and saying "Okay, let's pull in the photographer to take her picture for a news story' ... 'Okay, elt's make the judges choose these three pieces' ...

  3. Lynn, this is fabulous. Your quilts are so lovely, and now they will be acknowledged in this show. Plus the photo for paper, plus maybe the cover. Did you sleep that night??? CONGRATULATIONS. Hurrah, hurrah.

  4. Wow, Ms Lynn. I can imagine the way htis unfolded was like a dream- and you relatively new t o quilting. Amazing- and well deserved. Congrats and keep on sewing!

  5. Lynn!!! Congratulations for getting the three beautiful pieces in, now lots and lots of people will see them, they sure deserve it. You are the best, and the black and white piece is so decorative, it will look great on that cover

    Lynnnnnn... great news... CONGRATULATIONS!
    as i was reading this post, my daughter came to me to ask for something and she said: why are you grinning so broadly,mom.... what is it you are so happy about?
    and I came to myself and really felt the joy inside me ...

    all these are big big achievements...
    Lynn... you deserve it and even more than that ... your art is full of beauty and truth... and these are the very rare gems people love to see...
    you are one of life's best children...

  7. What an Honor! I'm so excited for you. Your work is so lovely, I can see why they would want to photograph it and no wonder you you won. Kudos!

  8. wow wow wow!!!! Congrads! what fun!

  9. I'm so happy for and proud of you! I'm thrilled that you're getting recognized for all your wonderful work! That is just GREAT!

  10. I apologize for not commenting sooner on all your congratulatory comments to me! I have been busy floating on a cloud and also busy sewing a new quilt (Judy at the art gallery said I need to start calling my stuff "Textile Art"), okay working on a new textile art quilt, sorry Judy...quilted textile art?...for my aunt who is turning 89 in May. She and my uncle owned and operated a camera store for all their working years till retirement and photography was big in our family. Especially family photos. So this textile piece is full of family photos! I will blog it when finished.

    All that to say why I've been busy and to again THANK YOU ALL for your wonderful praise.

    I SWEAR I could not and would not have done it without YOU!

    I have the living proof of your fabulous work hanging here in front of my very eyes
    I am so PROUD of you my friend.
    I will always know that I was the first one who commissioned your work and when you are famous (as you will be) I will have a piece of you in my life and my children's children's lives forever and THAT is humbling indeed.
    A MILLION thanks for my wonderful quilt. AND MAZELTOV!

  12. Lynn - I'm so pleased for you ! Congratulations ... I'm not surprised at all. You are very talented, and to think you've only been at this for under a year! I've seen some beautiful quilts at the center I work at (I work with immigrant/refugees) and it's so neat to see the cultural differences. Next time they meet, I'll take pics for you - but before I forget -- I have to tell you I really do LOVE the roses quilt ... it's gorgeous. Warm wishes :)

  13. Yay Yay, YAY! This is such awesome news! I'm not surprised, as all of your work is beautiful--but I'll bet it's very exciting for you!

    So happy for you!


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