Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thanks To YOU My Friends

I apologize for not commenting sooner on all your congratulatory comments to me for my recent good fortune having my three art quilts selected for the juried art show! I appreciate every word you have sent my way. I have been busy floating on a cloud and also busy sewing a new quilt (Judy at the art gallery said I need to start calling my stuff "Textile Art"), okay working on a new textile art quilt, sorry Judy...quilted textile art?...for my aunt who is turning 89 in May. She and my uncle owned and operated a camera store for all their working years till retirement and photography was big in our family. Especially family photos. So this textile piece is full of family photos! I will blog it when finished. All that to say why I've been busy and to again THANK YOU ALL for your wonderful praise. I SWEAR I could not and would not have done it without YOU!


  1. And she is going to be so thrilled with it, I know that for a fact as I am so thrilled with mine.
    It hangs in a special place in my lounge, it is oohed and aahed over by everyone who visits, and it is my pride and joy as well as a family heirloom now and forever more. This is such a 'mitzvah' that you do for others!
    Lotsa hugs and wfs to you.

  2. Your quilts are gorgeous. My mother made quilts all her life and I did one, which made me completely appreciate the enormous effort that goes into each one: they're truly works of art. Heirlooms, really...

  3. I haven't been so happy for someone else's happiness in a long time... I can tell you're really brimming... it makes me feel that nice warm sensation of home and family... congrats... I'm very pleased for you... your friend... Jon

  4. Hopper/Jon, you say the nicest things. Really, your words made my heart sing. Thank you so much.

    FY: You know how happy you make me each and every time you kvell over your art quilt. So fun to hear it gets raves from it's visitors to your home as well.
    What a wonderful Life I am experiencing through this "work" that is really PLAY.

    Thank you Brush: I am sure your mother's quilts are wonderful treasures and more so for her child's deep appreciation of them.
    Your paintings are georgous too.
    I urge others to go to your blog and see what I mean!

  5. So wonderful that you have found this creative artwork that you love and that others love too. Interesting that family background re: the photography shop. Things go round and round don't they. Be well and bathe in your glory.

  6. Lynn,
    dear friend i should tell you again how happy i am to witness such success... congrats again...
    i could express just part of my feeling about your work in the picture and the words on this post,

    thanks for your nice and kind comment on it.

  7. Oh Lynn, We are all so proud of you. You have reached out for all you have gotten in return and it is all well deserved too. It is only the beginning kiddo. :)


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