Friday, May 23, 2008

18 years ago

Happy Birthday , MikiahPhoto left to right: sister Kaeli, step mom-to-be, Jackie, and Mikiah (today).

18 yrs ago, Grandpa Fred holding baby Mikiah
...and Grandpa Fred and Grandma Lynn walking the baby with parents in the Eugene, OR
rose garden.

Eighteen years ago we went to visit our very first grandchild. His name is Mikiah. Tomorrow he will be 18! Wow. It's just hard to believe. Time flies when you are old(er). It was such a joy to welcome this little guy into our lives and world. I remember that we brought him a ton of toys and clothes. Fred and I could not stop ourselves from buying every thing we saw that called out: new baby, new baby; and someone had written a song welcoming him into the world called: Little Seal. I can hear the melody in my head as I write this. What a sweet, sweet memory. Happy Birthday, Mikiah. We love you.
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  1. How lovely! An 18 year old and twin little ones. You truely are blessed!

  2. Yes Mim, thanks, I am...and don't forget little sister, Kaeli Rose, who will be 15 in September the same birth day as the twins. How about THAT!

  3. Nice looking Family Lynn, How time flys. I bet it does seem like yesterday. Love the Rose Garden photo. :)

  4. Happy Birthday to Mikiah. Lovely family you have. Caring and loving. Be well, Suki

  5. boom boom boom
    the little bud
    now is a bloom

    happy birthday to Mikiah!

  6. Lynn:) Happy birthday to your beautiful grandson, and thanks for sharing these great memories:)

  7. happy birthday to mikiah and hugs to a very proud granny (and grandpa)!


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