Monday, May 26, 2008

Car Art or just Gift Art?

My plan was to make up some quilted mats for gifts for the people we will be visiting this summer, little thank yous from my heart and sewing machine. The idea was to do a lot of embroidery in the car while driving long distances. However, I had to make 15 of these and that is a lot of fear I may not have time to get them all done while traveling I started top sewing them here at home before we leave. So they are mostly done...with a little more to do on some and room for a few embellishments while traveling. I'll take yarn and knitting needles to make grand kids their next size (5) sweaters for the coming fall season.

If you want to see what I'll be wearing to my son's wedding in August go to my Positive Eating and Exercise blog.


  1. Lynn, Those are charming. I didnt enlarge yet so I bet they are even better bigger but they are charming looking from what I see.
    your such a dedicated person when you get going on something. :)

  2. Lynn you seem to have so much energy. Each person will love their gift. How wonderful of you. I'll check out the dress.

  3. Wonderful things Lynn, so beautiful to look at, discover each detail. What a lovely gift and a sweet guest you are:)

  4. what a great and personal idea for gifts. i know they are going to love them. everyone who visits me is in total awe of my quilt hanging proudly for all to see, and i (still) often stand and gaze at it's many different aspects, stitches, beads, colours etc, bless you lynn, bless you for this 'mitzvah'.

  5. Thanks, they are fun to make...finished yet one more last night.
    Now I have two more projects in the making, one for a friend's family after his recent death, and the other for the art gallery re: WWII.

    FY: Each time you tell me how happy my quilt for you makes you I just GLOW with Joy. Thanks. So very glad you enjoy it as much as you obviously do.

  6. How neat. My other mother gives me something like that every Christmas. She makes them to hang on the wall. I have probably 6 or so now.

    Love them!

  7. Car

    Your essence

    What gift
    Could mean

  8. say the nicest things!

    Zirelda, how great to have another mother...I have one too...going to visit her and bring her one of these! And you have six. Lucky, lucky you.

    Cris, Suki, Andrea...thank you for your comments, they mean so much to me.

  9. Lynn I just wanted to say that I'm very sorry for your loss of a good friend, I think of you and of the person I don't even know but who you love, I say it in the present so that those whom we love are not gone but live in our minds. Love, Andrea

  10. Thanks Andrea, I have not yet posted about that loss here, but I will soon. I am making a memory quilted piece (small) about our friend who died recently and will talk about it when I post it completed.

    I have talked about this on others blogs and I appeciate the sentiments it has brought me.

  11. Wow, Lynn--a treasure trove of jewel-like gifts. LUCKY recipients!

  12. you are giving them the best gifts... Bobbb said it so well.

    wait to see them one by one and enjoy...


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