Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tribute To Our Friend, Jim

Last Friday our dear friend of many years, Jim, died. My husband and he became friends when they met in the Union Hall in Oakland, CA. in the early 1970s. They were both in their early 20s.
They worked together in a warehouse, and Jim taught my husband to play guitar.

My dh happens to have a wonderful voice, and Jim was a musician of great talent, playing guitar, banjo, and concertina exceptionally well. It was Jim who introduced my husband to Irish music and Sea Shanties, both of which he sings to this day. They shared a flat for four years, grew a huge garden, had dogs, and were just good, good buddies.

In 1975 when I met Fred he was driving an old VW bus. The bus would break down each time he'd come up to where I lived a good hours drive away. Each time it broke down he'd call Jim, and Jim would drop whatever he was doing and drive the hour drive to hook Fred's bus to his truck and tow him back to Oakland. Jim was also a skilled mechanic and could glue the bus back together again good for the next weekend visit. Fred assures me to this day that if it weren't for Jim he and I would not be together.

We have been grieving this loss for the past week. Still sad I decided to gather photos from years past together and make something to give his wife and daughter when we visit them later this summer, hopefully timed to attend the memorial for Jim.
Here is what I created:

Jim and Fred are goofing around in this middle panel. We are at a waterfall in South Oregon.

Jim was quite the environmentalist, naturalist, knew all the names of all the wild flowers and trees in the area.
This is the bottom panel, Jim and his wife on a cruise. The only time I knew him to wear a suit. He was more comfortable in old torn jeans and t-shirt.
Jim was a fly fisherman and tied his own flies and made them for a living too.

The top panel is on tye dyed fabric denoting the times: war slogan in upper left hand corner says: "Make Love, Not War" of Fred and Jim playing music and singing...the song written is called "Leaving of Liverpool"...the last photo is Jim looking at his then 2 month old baby daughter.

Jim cleaning his guitar
Jim with baby daughter (now in her 20's)
DH/Fred being goofy in a hat Jim gave him this trip

We miss you Jim.
Your passing is a great loss.


  1. Dear Lynn. What a beautiful tribute your art is ... I'm sure that it will bring his family and loved ones great great joy ... sorrow is hard to bear at times like these, but you have certainly created something beautiful with all of the emotions you carry. peace to you and your husband ... Roxanne

  2. Oh Lynn, what a great tribute in fabric for your friend Jim! I'm in awe of what you did here, and what you can do with quilts!
    My condolences!
    hug from me

  3. Lynn, I'm so sad to hear of your loss, I have lost close friends and know what it means to not only lose a close friend but you are also losing a piece of your own past. This quilt is such a wonderful tribute, I love the "make love, not war" stitching and the fish stitching. And the wonderful pictures that you manage to get onto the quilt. It's so full with love, his family will appreciate and love it.
    Take care of you OK? Mim

  4. Lynn this tribute to your friend brings tears to my eyes. It is so lovely and lovingly made. Your talent brings both tears and joy to so many. You are generous and caring. I'm sorry about your friend and send prayers to all his family and your family. Namaste, Suki

  5. Such a touching tribute. May he rest in peace - and his family have the comfort and strength of loved ones around them.

  6. dearest Lynn,
    accept my condolences on losing such a precious friend.
    your tribute is breathtaking... cuz as Suki said it is lovingly made...

    sure his family will be glad to keep some of his nice memories alive... so beautifully and vividly...
    hugs to you and take care

  7. Lynn, what a beautiful tribute, piece to Jim. He must have been a wonderful human being and friend, and your piece of art is very touching. I'm very sorry for you and Fred that you have lost such a friend, and send you a big hug too!

  8. Thank you all for your kind words regarding our grief over the loss of our dear friend, Jim.
    It means a lot to me.
    And thanks too for your appreciation for what I made for his family. It was nice to be taken back to those times we had together. Our hippy days...;-) growing older together...etc. etc. etc.

  9. This is wonderful Lynn. You created something your friends family will treasure for ever.
    As I have said before I am deeply sorry for you & DH's loss.

  10. I am sorry you feel this loss
    My loss will be never having gotten to know him
    So I thank you for sharing
    That part which still lives on
    In you

    I can tell by your words
    That the world
    Is a better place
    Just for his having been here

    And so it goes to follow
    That you are a better person
    For having known him

    We all give
    And take
    From each other

    Thank you for sharing
    Not just the joy
    But the sorrow as well
    For I need both
    To truly grow

  11. How wonderful to have the talent to be able to put together this gift and tribute to such a good friend. It's beautiful.


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