Friday, May 30, 2008

Garden Going Crazy

My dear gardener had to leave for Vietnam all of a sudden due to a family emergency, the person who called to tell me said they'd be gone two weeks. I no longer remember which week we are in...but the Mexican primroses are coming up all over the lawn, as are the weeds...
But like Cris in Oregon's birds eggs hatching, my Lilies of the Nile are starting to hatch trumpet vines are in full swing, figs are coming out all over our huge tree; hydrangea needs water and will be pink this year...
Hope Mr. H. is able to come back soon, and hope all is well in his home. But we need him.


  1. oh dear. a garden run amuck. lol
    I hope he gets back before you have to leave on your Road trip.
    Who IS going to water everything??
    It looks pretty tho. and all those figs. will they wait for you?? :)
    Yes I hope your Gardeners family is ok too.

  2. Lynn, paradise:) it is so lucious in your garden, what a inspiring place, love

  3. I rather like the sense of wild abundance. Prayers to your gardeners family. I'll be away too for a week so no more comments from me till anon. Suki

  4. Wonderful photos . Poor hyndrangea, can't you give him a little water untill Mr.H is back.?
    Hope his family is well ans will soon return.
    Hope these flowers , nature is bringing new life to everything, can lift your spirit as well.

  5. Lynn your garden is so lush and thriving... be proud of it...
    Hope Mr.H is back soon to tend it...

  6. Cris, Dave next door will do the watering and will practically be house sitting...not sure if the figs will wait...the birds will get their share...

    Andrea and Suki, thanks for liking my wild garden. I do too, but it can get over run if not attended to a little bit...

    Marianne, I am watering the hydrangia as we speak...and everything else too of course,
    thanks for all your good wishes to me and to the H. family;

    Human Being, thank you for flying in to see my garden and your words of encouragement always.

  7. Looks lush to me, Lynn. I live in the desert and I envy your gorgeous vegetation. And here our weeds grow just as profusely as yours.


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