Sunday, June 1, 2008

Just Starting 1940's Art Quilt

[Thank you to Hopper for use of his photo: A blue Tzdaka Box used to collect charity money to send to the support of Israel. You can see it at the bottom middle of the quilt. My mother had a box just like this one in our hallway closet on a high shelf.]

Our art gallery is having a show in July called:
Life In The 40s, America's Greatest Generation.

I have started my piece by gathering photos and a letter of this era.
The letter was written in 1940 by my DH's Great Grandmother to his father, and she talks about her fears of the war in England at the time (1940). My father-in-law was in the US military and met my husband's mother in Germany, where she worked for him as a translator. He helped in the interrogation of German war criminals. My uncle, was also in the US military and he went to the Pacific, to Guam. He too married in 1945 to my mother's sister in CA. So War Brides is part of this piece. Other photos include my grandparents, and my immediate family in 1942-1944.

I found a piece of fabric at a garage sale this weekend with the printed rings on it that I believe depict matrimony in traditional quilts. I also got two small American flags at a thrift store. A Yellow Star to depict the ones Jews were ordered to wear and to note the Holocaust and the liquidation of the extermination camps. I will add an Israeli flag for Israels' gaining statehood in 1948, something my family supported.
I hope it will all come together well. We shall see.
This is more of a collage than a true art quilt.


  1. I dont know how you do it but you find more material at garage sales that fit your projects. Yes that does look like the pattern of the wedding ring quilt. This will be interesting to see how you develop it. It will turn out just like all the rest of them you do... Fantastic. :)

  2. omg it's marvellous, of course it's going to be just perfect, i know it is. you're marvellous too.
    have lost 4 pounds weight and feel better already, thanx for the inspiration.

  3. thank you cris and fy...your encouraging words mean a lot...
    FY: Congrats on the 4 lbs disappearance...Glad I could inspire in this way! ;-)

  4. This sounds like such a fascinating project Lynn. I am sure it will turn out beautiful. The history of WWII has always held a certain aura of attraction for me -- maybe because of how it didn't just shift politics -- but the nature of families -- in particular women (cause they were working now, outside the home!). The War Brides piece sounds fascinating. May the creativity flow in your new project!

  5. This is going to be another one of your memory quilts, which honours special people living in a very special and very difficult time,

  6. a page of history... both personal and universal...

  7. Lynn, this is a beautiful homage to your family and their history, your people and their history. So much love.


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