Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Proud of my DH teacher

My DH is a teacher, sixth grade, and at this years school end his students gave him a big piece of paper with all these sentiments written on it: (I just had to share) He makes learning fun. The best teacher ever! Awesome! He's fun and full of valuable, yet frivolas info. He's da best!!! Mr. M is great! I think Mr. M is very nice and fun. He is like the greatest tacher in BWI. Thanks Mr. M. Mr. Hanky He's cool. Love yr muffins. awesome old dude!! lol!!! He's gonna rock your socks! 2, 4, 6, 8, who do we apreciate!!! Mr. M Mr. M Mr. M is fun and nice. He entertains us. Mr. M is great. He was the best 6th grade teacher ever I learned a lot in his class. Even after I passed the _______ ________. ur a good teacher. He rocks and I like it when he gives us muffins. best ever He's one of the best teachers I ever had. Proud wife had to share. If you know him, don't tell him I did this. He'd be upset with me. He likes his privacy. But I think he deserves to be known. As you can see he is well liked by many.


  1. as a teacher i find this VERY touching!
    soo nice how proud you feel.
    Was also touched by andrea buying cris's sheep painting as it brought back my memories of getting my quilt and also the deep connection i feel with you now and always will!

  2. Sounds like many of the students must consider him their favourite teacher.

  3. hey lynn...

    please feel free to use any images (and whatever else you want) from my site... sorry I only found your notes about the quilt idea today...

    your friend...


  4. good teachers are artists... prophets.... feeding our souls... giving us wings to fly...

    you should be really pround of your DH... these words written by his students tell a lot... they tell how he is making the world a better place to live... by giving both knowledge and love to his students...

  5. Hi Lynn:) don't tell him that I congratulate you for him, herewith:)

  6. What a great teacher he must be to get all that praise. but HE HAS THE BEST MUFFINS? Good thing someone said more about those muffins and clairified it. LOL
    All kidding aside. Good teachers deserve praise. Good for you for doing so. Hey Mr M... You Rock! :)

  7. I agree with all the other comments... good educators should be recognized... it is the educators who can foster a love of learning and wonder in students and bring about a more positive future... our crow friend once said to me "...when the frame of thought is not changed, changing the men in power is of no use..."

    Teachers are a vehicle for this change in thought...

  8. This is wonderful, and he should be proud. Teachers are unsung hero's and every bit of praise should be treasured.


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