Thursday, June 5, 2008

Progress on New Art Quilt and Going Fishing!

Hey guys...We are going fishing...well hunting for fish fossils, camping, visiting friends and family, even several from Blogland. I will be able to check in along the road...till then,

you can see my latest quilt in it's not quite finished state...This piece is for an art show at the gallery in July. The theme is: "Life in the 40's America's Greatest Generation"

Thanks to Hopper for the Tz-daka box photo (for charity for Israel) just like the one my mom upper right hand corner.

The group family shot on the right is my family circa 1944. We are on vacation, but look so stoic. It makes me wonder just how the war going on in Europe and the Pacific were affecting us on our home front? I of course was too young to understand what was going on.

Fourth photo is an actual letter written by my husbands great grandmother to his father in 1940 with concerns of the war in England.
My husband's American father and German mother, who met at the very end of the war in Germany, when she worked for him as a translator and he had the job of interrogating Nazi war criminals. They married and she became pregnant with my husband, and they had to wait a year and a half after he left for the US to go there themselves to meet him.
The young soldier in the center is my beloved Uncle Harry, who served in Guam. He married my mom's youngest sister in 1945. They are still sweethearts today at age 89.

I just noticed this morning that I put six stars on the quilt. Six being a very significant number for this piece. Six million. And they stop 3 quarters of the way to the right when the war comes to an end, the camps are liquidated and Israel becomes a state. I think I do a lot of work unconsciously, but my unconscious knows what needs to be done.


  1. It looks wonderful! A question: How do you get the pictures in the quilt? From the pictures it looks like the pictures/letters are in fabric as well.........
    Anyway, a stunning piece!

  2. Thank you Marianne. Your compliments mean a lot to me.

    The photos and words are indeed printed on cloth. I used "Sew-In Computer Printer Fabric" by June Tailor. I copy the photos from scanner to computer to printer and the sheets of paper-backed fabric feed into the printer like regular paper 8 1/2" X 11". Then I tear the paper away from the fabric and sew the cloth photos onto the background fabric. First I hot press the printed cloth to fix the photo so the ink will not smear.

  3. Great. I'm going camping tonight too - stargazing.

  4. I dont think you have to worry if this is going to be a work of art or not for the group you did it for. IT IS ART. You always tell a story with your work. You work fast but you leave nothing out. It is a fabulous piece of Art & Work.

  5. yes yes cris i agree, it IS art. in fact i agree with all cris says and send my compliments to you too.

  6. Isn't it amazing when your sub-conscious guides you? I find that if I listen to it, better things happen.
    Great quilt Lynn

  7. Have a great trip:) all my love to you, on the road:)
    this quilt is precious!

  8. Amazing!
    i so agree with yor unconscious knowing what needs to be done or said - I like your unconsious! it all looks wondeful. I particularly like the letter - amazing what you can put ona quilt. i wish I had you patience and skill - your piece is sure to make an impact at the show and hopefully for many many generations to come.

  9. amazing art!!Thsi is an unic quilt!!I´m really impressed!

  10. Thank you all for your wonderful feedback on my latest 1940's quilt.
    Judy you humble me, you who create with skill and an artists eye above and beyond (See her Red Velvet Blog)...

    Thanks all. The motel lady said I had to stop now... darn. good night.


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