Sunday, June 8, 2008

Surprise From Lynn On The Road

Hi! From Wyoming!!!! We have been doing A LOT Of driving the past two days... CALIF...Nevada...Utah...and today, Wyoming. We are enjoying the wide open spaces of America. Summer traffic is nil. Nada, none. Except for one 45 minute hold up when we found ourselves stopped dead in our tracks for 45 minutes surrounded by cars and huge trucks in front and behind us as far as the eye could see. We saw once traffic started up again that a huge semi had caught fire and the entire rear of it that carries the goods was melted metal. Firemen had put it out. And fortunately we could see the driver in the cab of the truck separated from his load safe and on his cell phone. Calling his boss, or wife with excuses for being late? We have visited one fossil museum and one Mountain Man museum today. DH getting all sorts of good info for his students next term. And besides that I have been embroidering on my quilt for ten hour stretches at a time. All the intertwining circles are trimmed in blue...bob-wire has been added to the concentration camp sign, and the six Stars of David have been distressed to look old. It is beginning to POP! I am an embroiderer in training (self taught) so am not sure if my ideas will be transplanted or not but we shall see. Plenty of time for trial and error. ;-) Oh, and btw, I packed for summer but this evening had to dig out socks, my one long sleeved shirt and my sweater, and turn my new cropped jeans into long ones...It's COLD!!!! We heard it was snowing at Yellowstone. So far it's been motels, not camping. But that could change tomorrow. But I am thrilled to find a computer at this motel. I'll check in again when I get a chance. Meanwhile I hope you are enjoying summer wherever you are or what ever season it is where you are. ;-)


  1. So glad that you are having fun and that you were able to find a computer to post and tell us about it! :)

    I'm still hoping that your path will cross with mine come the end of the month...(how wonderful it would be!) But until then, keep traveling safe and stay HAS been unseasonably cold this month!


  2. Hey surprise indeed. Sounds like your having fun. Give you some material, thread and needles and you will be content anywhere. :)
    That quilt will be hours of work by the time you are through with it? :)
    Hope you dont run into any more cold nights. Thanks for the update.

  3. wow it was really exciting and delightful to read about your adventures on the road... and also your artworks...

    you are a very good storyteller... lots of details and also your humor make your writing very vivid and lively...
    have great fun...
    lots of love

  4. Sounds like you are having a very productive holiday! I hope there will be photos soon!

  5. Hi Lynn. kinda cool that you can post whilst on the road. Did you say this was a vacation?? You are working as hard as ever it sounds. I checked out your new quilt and it is amazing. Have fun, Suki

  6. oh what fun, keep warm and have a great time.

  7. hi lynn... just stopped by to see how it's going... had sort of forgotten that you were on the road... hope you continue to have a great time... and i hope that the weather stays nice and warm for ya...

  8. Hi Lady Bug...yes, I too hope we can meet up on this trip...looking forward to it...

    Yes, Cris, I got lots done on the quilt in the fingers are sore, but there are thousands of French knots everywhere...

    Dear HB, I am happy that my story telling meets your approval and you enjoy it...Everytime I see a crow I think of you.

    And yes, Bad Faery, photos are coming soon. It will hard to choose what to post as I have taken well over 500 in just one of two cameras so far...

    Yes, Suki, we are on a months vacation...a first for me taking one this long, and it's a delight.
    Glad you like my latest quilt. It's already quite altered from those first preview photos...

    Forever Young, we are finally getting some sunshine today, on day six, here in Minnesota...but had to put my sweater back on when my SIL turned on her AC. Go figure!

    Thanks, Hoppper for hopping in. I thought of you when we saw this huge billboard that had something to do with grasshoppers, but we went by it too fast for me to catch it with my camera for you.
    It's warm today, but more rain due tomorrow.

    I can't but tell you all how much I miss you while we are out of internet about going through withdrawals. LOL its true.

  9. Hey Lynn, great to read your road movie script:) have a great time


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