Thursday, June 12, 2008

On The Road...Day Six

We left you in Wyoming I believe. The Grand Titons are a MUST if you travel here. They are covered in snow this June, and the beauty is beyond what words can convey. You just have to BE THERE. (It was there last time 2005 I think) when I asked DH to renew our vows and we did it then and there overlooking those wonderful peaks. He used humor, can't remember the exact words but something legal sounding and fun.) This time we both cried...just getting in touch with such awesome grandure...and being so grateful to be alive and HERE. From there we drove to Yellowstone National Park. Again, lots of ohhing and ahhing...been there before too but this was the first time I got to see Old Faithful erupt. Wonderful old gysers...steam coming out that looks like smoke and then this amazing burst of water spray high into the sky. A beautiful waterfall, Kempler Cascades...and then it started snowing!!!! Yes, SNOWING on us in June! We went into a Buffalo Bill Museum. There were quilts and we were both made happy. ;-) The Grizzly Bear motel was cheap but the shower flooded the bathroom. I do not recommend it. But it was there I could use a computer so not all was lost. Oh, we found the largest Quilt Store I have ever seen, called Big Horn Quilts in Grey Bull Wyoming. Run by a woman whose daughter (get this) lives in the town we live in in California!!! Small world. This woman ships fabric all over the world, her business being mostly by internet she said. Great story. More snow through the Big Horn Mountains. Shell Gorge is beautiful too. On to Montana... Where we visited (again) Custer's Last Stand... And nice museum there. Then on to Pompey's Pillar. A big rock where at first they said we could not climb up (there are ramps and stairs, we were not asking to take the goat trail) as they were expecting a sudden thunder storm and they didn't want to be responible for our lives in a lighting storm. But the storm seemed to pass and we did go up after all. Spectacular view. Out of breath due to high altitude. Nice ranger who gave us lots of history. We saw the place on the rock where W Clark signed his name. ( Of Lewis and Clark). In Miles we got a hot chicken to eat in our motel room. Can't tent camp in storms we've been experiencing. Don't want to. Since we aren't camping to save money we are eating all our meals out of our cooler in the car or in our motel (breakfast) or by the side of the road. It's also helping me stay on my eating regiment of healthy foods only. ;-) On our fifth day we made it to North Dakota. We saw lots of buffalo close up and personal in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Moose too. A herd of about 50 buffalo grazing in a meadow...calves too. A moose couple walking through a glen of greenery...we were this close...can't wait to see my photos myself. We visited Abraham Lincoln State Park yesterday...had a wonderful Native American guide who gave the two of us a personal tour of the Mandan Village. We saw how the lodges where the Mandan Indian's lived were constructed...and learned a great deal about their customs. From there we went to Custer's house, where everything inside was said to be at least 100 years, musical instruments, clothing, QUILTS, sewing machines...again, very interesting. Our guide there, another Native American woman, shared that she too is a quilter and we shared quilt stories and emails so she can send me photos of her quilts. They sound awesome. She does lots of applique and lots of Native American designs. And yes, I have taken 100s of photos and will start blogging them soon. I need to get them down loaded onto discs first. Soon. And now we are in Minnesota at my SILs home. I suspect soon we will go to visit DH's ma in her nursing home. I look forward to seeing her, getting my hugs and giving some too. We'll be here for five I'll be on line more. Thanks to all of you who responded and commented on my first Trip Blog Post. I do appreciate hearing from all of you so much. I missed you these past six days. REALLY!!!!!!!!


  1. Sounds like you are having the time of your life. Amazing how many people quilt and are on line. If they are there You will find them.
    Looking forward to the pix.

    Welcome back for a few days. missed you lots here.

  2. Lynn, I love this post, and I can feel that you are having a wonderful time. Thanks for describing everything so beautifully, I'm so looking forward to your pics, I dream of doing a trip like the one you and Fred are doing right now:)
    thanks for sharing

  3. Lynn this is an astonishing trip. How lovely, and the thread of quilts flows through it. Have a great time with your in-laws. Lovely you have given yourselves this vacation.

  4. Oh, I've never seen a live moose. How cool!

  5. really enjoyed reading this post... it was a rainbow...

    i'm so sure this trip will be retold in a uique QUILT by you... oh boy how i love to see it with its American Indian's designs and patterns.
    love and kisses


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