Friday, June 13, 2008

Photos from On The Road With Lynn


  1. Lynn, a pleasure for the eyes, this is great! Thanks so much, I love every picture and will be back to look at them again and again. The indian shoes with beeds are awsome, and the moose and the buffalo! And the geysir, the mountains and the huts. Oh my, what a lucky girl you are, thanks for sharing your trip with us,

  2. WOW..That first photo hits you in the senses when you first look..Pow!! It's awesome.
    The close up of the buffalo and the moose are also favorites of mine. You got some great shots. I will have to come back to ooh and ahhh them some more later.

  3. Forgot to mention I liked the quilts too. Is that pillow quilted too?

  4. wow these are marvellous, like the first and the last one best. you seem to be having such fun...please give us more as you go along...

  5. Wonderful Photo's
    I especially liked the beaver den

    And the clouds on the mountains

  6. Your pictures and posts are wonderful, I love the buffalo picture (can you just picture millions of those beasts roaming free?) and the moose picture and your descriptions of the places you have visited in your last post.
    Have a safe drive home when you start back that way.

  7. The sewing, the beaver house, the mountains, the animals. Isn't it amazing there is so much open space. We forget here in the crowded East Coat (tho not in NH VT and Maine.) Thanks for sharing your trip with us. and thanks for your recent comments on my blog.

  8. a long... very long panorama of love's footprints on life...

    Lynn thanks for taking us with you...

  9. Wow! What a trip! And so diverse. One minute sunny yellow flowers, next minute snowcapped mountains. It's great to have such diversity all in one place, within hours.

  10. wow stunning pictures!
    Nature can be quite overwelming!
    Beautiful when you can witness this


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