Friday, May 9, 2008

C'est Andrea

A while ago I made a wonderful purchase from Andrea of C'estAndrea's blog/ETSY store and bought this beautiful print called de Palacio.

My apologies to Andrea as it has taken me a while to find a frame to fit it. The print is 16 X 11 and the closest I could find was 16 X 12. So finally she will be on a wall in our home as she richly deserves. The shells bring to mind summer to me and right in time then, as it is close approaching in our neck of the woods here in California.

It's great fun to buy the art of fellow/gal blogmates! I am proud to own these pieces.


  1. I love this print of Andreas. I saw it on her Etsy shop. I love shells too as I came from a beach area having lived there over 40 years. Good choice. she will be pleased with you framing it.

  2. We call those sand dollars. I love them. On my old blog a short while ago I had a shot of one I found on that beach with all the shells. I love your new images with the owls!

  3. This is beautiful, I'm going to check out her Etsy store

  4. Hi Lynn. Great picture from andrea. She is so talented. i love the shells too, having lived for 30 yrs on Cape Cod. I know what you mean about framing things. Sometimes it is hard but you have found something that works. Happy Mother's Day. Suki

  5. a wonderfully delicate mix of colours. Enjoy it:)

  6. yes like her other works, this one is so beautiful... just looking at it brings the calm and serenity of the seashore to you...
    Andrea is a great artist... and how i miss her...


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