Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Walk around Home Neighborhood

This sign seemed to go with my walking steps! It was hot out today, but I was determined to get an outside walk in. After two days of babysitting a sick child, with lots of quiet play/sitting around, my body was crying out to move...
Not sure why this old tree caught my attention but it did. It seemed to be shedding it's bark.

Food for thought.
While walking around the neighborhood park a much younger woman kept passing me by coming the opposite direction. She was jogging and was making the circle several times to my one walking. We later met up as I was heading home in my direction and she in hers in the opposite and we stopped to chat. A perfect stranger, but willing to share some words with a neighbor never before met. Felt nice. She'd jogged five times around that park she said.
And in this heat. More power to her.
Today I sewed "car art" in preparation for our road trip this summer.
I need something to do in the car.
So I am making "mats" (15" X 20" approx.) quilting them and leaving them plain to embroider on while sitting in the car cross country.
I'll post their "before" state later for you to see.
And the after, well after I do them.
Today I entered another art contest.
It's called 65Plus - the art and lives of older artists
for any medium, any size, any date
12 of the works will be selected and a 2009 calendar will be printed using those images
and the images of the artists.
all participants will receive a calendar.
This is coming out of New Zealand
Want to know more?
check out October 2008 for details


  1. Hi Lynn, wonderful ,the flowers, are those Irises? I love the pictures, as always it looks so bright and sunny everywhere you go:) Must be your influence and energy, have a lovely start into the week.
    Love the barkshedding tree too and the fruits.

  2. Lynn that's cool that you will do the 65 and older thing. Dale did the collage exchange and also artists for peace which ended with a calendar. She is full of energy.

    i keep forgetting to say, love the owls at top of post. Nice tree and flowers. Stay cool. Suki

  3. With open eyes you can find interest and hidden treasures in the close neighbourhood and around the whole world.....

  4. steps to success:
    1. shed your old skin
    2. think of a beautiful image in your life... think about and work on it all the time CLOSELY
    3. you will blossom into a new person
    4. and soon you can eat the succulent fruits of your success.

    wish you the best my dearest Lynn in the new contest...

  5. Hi Lynn, love the tree. I think tree are great anyway, but this one is really neat.

    I will be interested to see your "quilt-in-progress" car art.

    Be sure to check out my posting about the art fair. I took a photo of a Cincinnati crazy quilt with you in mind. Thought it might give you some inspiration, not that you need any.

    Good luck with your art fair.

  6. oh - let us know how the contest goes ... contests are good to get us to challenge ourselves a bit more ... (at least that's why I like contests) ... I also like the picture of the iris ... so lush down there!

  7. Lovely photographs, Lynn, as is the account of your walk. It is so nice to meet a friendly person like that, one who is willing to share the day a bit.

    The contest sounds so interesting. Keep us posted!

  8. I LOVE that sign. you find the most interesting signs. Love that you entered another contest. I hope you win and get in that calendar then we will have to have one. :) Look forward to seeing the before pix of your place mats. What a cool idea for ROAD ART. Wish I could do something in a car but I get car sick. :)

  9. Yes, those white flowers are iris'.
    The sign keep me in step with my stepping/walking/arting/living!

    Car art to come...stay tuned.

    Thanks for your good wishes on the contest. The competition is steep, go see what others have done; but I like the challenge. Crazy beginner? It's fun.


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