Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday's Walk...Pinks, Yellows and White Flower Day

Catch a falling star and...© A kiss of pink...©
A last weeks gift from a client...Faded Rose©
And this week's gift from another client... Sunhine in my window ©
Spiraling into summer©
Isn't nature wonderful? ©
A tree full of beauties©
Wedding Whites©
This guy believes in really getting into his work!

It's getting hot here. In the 90's today. So when I set out for my noontime walk I wasn't at all sure how far I would go. With speedy tennis shoes and wide brimmed hat I felt ready to go.

But got as far as the post office where I dropped off a card for my young cousin, Amy, in the hospital wishing her a speedy recovery, and then back to the office was all I was willing to do in this heat.

It promises to be in the low 100's tomorrow through Sunday. So treadmill may be my only recourse of exercise this week.

But there sure was a lot of pretty flowers out there to enjoy
and now you can too!


  1. Your flowers all look like candy. Very pretty there. Not so hot here, only in the mid 60s and rain. That's OK, I don't like hot. Our flowers are still in the greening stage. Irises are blooming.

  2. Lovely photos. love the white one with the interesting center. We dont really pay attention to all the details like we should so this is great how you are getting right into the center of them.
    We are expecting 90ies here for three days too. so walking will be in the mornings only. Hope the plants survive. Thats a 30 degree jump in temps for them.

  3. Still amazed at the amount of flowers you have around you. The white one with the spiral centre is interesting. And I just looked up 80 Farenheit in the Celsius converter (approx 26C). I would welcome that! Here we are an average of 32 -34 Celsius (89 - 93 F) during the day. Being an island we get breeze with it, but it can still be a scorcher.

  4. I love heat. I have tons more energy in the heat. So I envy that. Here cold and rainy. The man in the car is very funny. Thanks again for the beautiful flowers.

  5. yes that guy is sure into it! what wonderful weather, we've had a touch of summer for the past week, but now cooler. how much weight did you actually lose, and how long did it take you?

  6. Nature, the Creator's work, is my main source of inspiration.
    Beautiful photos.

  7. Glad you all like the flowers. These will become cards soon, when I return from vacation!

    Energy from heat, Suki? Oh my. I am the opposite. AC for me!

    FY: As of right now the total weight dumped is 12 lbs. I started this new life-time plan on Janurary 12, 2008. I just hope I can maintain this while on our road trip. I will have to demand "Stop the Car I need to walk time" (if it's not too hot out)...LOL

  8. Pretty flowers! Our hollyhocks haven't bloomed yet. The lilacs just finished and the iris are coming out.

    You take great photos.

    It's nice to meet you. My mother would love your quilt blog.

  9. Welcome Britt-arnheld and zirelda, thank you for your compliments regarding my photos.

    zirelda do direct your mother to my quilt blog. It would love to meet her.

  10. oh this blogger! my yesterday comment is gone! i don't remember what i wrote!

    love all these beauties... even the dry flower is splendid...

    the captions you write for your photos are very creative and poetic.

  11. Thanks HB. I love that faded rose too. I put her in a pot in my office whose real plant has died and she looks pretty there.
    I'll keep her as long as she'll stay in tact.

    Sorry you had to rewrite, but everything you write is so welcomed.

  12. Oh! I like the one with the spiral in the center.

  13. Thanks Chewy for coming here to see my flowers. Yes, I like that one too. It amazed me with its spiraly center. Amazing what we see when we stop to look carefully. The camera helps us with that.


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