Monday, June 23, 2008

Halt, Stop, Crunch, Sqeal, Breaks On, Trip Stalled...

A break in our trip due to fatigue on part of my DH.
Resting here in MN at my SILs home for another day, after returning from traveling to Michigan, Canada, and back through Michigan again, Wisconsin, and Duluth, MN and now Brooklyn Park, MN.

Rest of trip to be decided.
Changes to make: I will do more of the driving.
DH will probably NOT continue my knitting. It can wait.
Some photos of trip to now to enjoy in the meantime:

DH and his ma the day before we left on the next leg of our journey North
Barns in Michigan are mainly white, some red but with multiple silos
Car art kept me entertained along the way
The four hour ferry boat ride took us to Michigan
I was most concerned with safety and took photos of all the life boats around the ship ;-)

I hope you are all having an enjoyable summer where you are.


  1. Well I hope DH is doing better and makes a full recovery. After all his planning I hope he gets to see most of what he wanted to see. You too.
    lovely thing you are working on. is that a matt? Now how come he wont be knitting???? thats not fair.. LOL.. or maybe it IS fair. dont want to be taking out stitches. lol

  2. Hey a lot of men knit. Real he-men types even. Hope DH gets a rest. It does sound like you've done tons of driving here and there and everywhere. Be well, suki

  3. This trip is sounding so great. But I understand how it could be exhausting for your husband.

  4. this is such an interesting 'diary' of your trip, am enjoying it too.


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