Sunday, June 22, 2008

Photos to go with the Canada Visit post

Long lost cousins meeting for first time:
Wonderful meeting Sylvain and Kelly....

Kelly took us out to lunch for my soon up coming birthday. So sweet. So delicous too.

We had such a wonderful visit...short but very, very sweet. What a delight to be with these two.

And yes, Human Being you were in the hugs, and yes, Elspeth, you were mentioned as well. Were your ears burning? LOL We shared our blogland thoughts and kept saying how strange it was, as if we had jumped out of our monitors to be together in person. But the hugs were genuine and warm, as was the hospitality. We all hoped we could do it again...maybe next time in California!


  1. Hi Lynniskynni, I send you and your friends greetings from Paris:)
    How lovely to be able to see each other "in real":)
    Have a wonderful time

  2. Must have been great! Kelly and I had fun when we met in Toronto. Sounds like you had a really fantastic journey.

  3. How fun to meet in person. there is a little resemblence in the chin area.. and NO not the beard. Lol.
    Nice to see photos.

  4. Kelly said Fred looks like an uncle of hers. So the family resemblance is really there.
    I see it too.

  5. Wonderful shots of the four of you meeting. Miraculous, how friendships evolve. Be well, Suki

  6. Oh, how wonderful you could meet eatch other in person!!!!!
    Fun! And I see at the pictures and words you had a great time.


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