Friday, June 20, 2008

Meeting Kelly and Sylvain

We are in Canada!!!! And at this moment my DH is singing an Irish Ballad by Paddy O'Rielly to an audience of two: Kelly and Sylvain. Many of you know Kelly from her blog Kikipotumus and Sylvain from his. Well, Kelly is absolutely who I have to thank for teaching and introducing me to blogging. She is also a distant cousin of my dear husband's. They met each other via genealogy searches a year or so ago. Now we are all gathered together and we all say "how weird it is" to meet someone who has become a friend out of our computers. But is a very wonderful weird. We have spent a lovely day in their fair city...will have a music fest on going now, and some dinner out soon. Earlier today we enjoyed visits to some art museums, a local history museum, a walk along a waterway where we could see Detroit over the other side of the water. Our trip continues to be fun, exciting, interesting, ....more to tell but they are calling me to dinner... Gotta go, thank you all for your wonderful comments on my photos and other blog postings. They are much appreciated. More photos to follow when time allows.


  1. Hey!! That's great! To be in Canada and meeting Kelly and Sylvain! Say hi to Kelly for me if you see this comment in time.

  2. trip
    that take me far away from home
    to search
    to join
    to find

    Lynn you have such a wonderful trip...
    so happy for you... and please please hug and kiss Kelly for me... she is such a gem...
    love to you both...

  3. How cool to finally meet up with family. Sounds like you are having a ball. Hope you are getting lots of pictures around there. Look forward to seeing them soon.

  4. this is thrilling, to find a long lost relative and yet have so much in common
    i am giving away some 'giggles' pics, so please choose a couple of mine, and i'll sned them to you.
    lotsa love and hugs.

  5. Well this is tooooo cool. Hello Lynn, DH Sylvain and Kelly. I'm excited for you all meeting in person. Wish I could be there too. Blessings, suki

  6. welcome to Canada, Lynn! if you're anywhere near Alberta - let me know :) roxanne


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