Tuesday, June 24, 2008

On the road from Minn. to South Dakota

Pictures by words today...we got up early, DH had 15 hrs sleep yesterday total so was rested enough to drive out of MN saying I could take over in So. Dakota. We traveled through country lush with green trees clustered deeply on both sides of the roads for miles and miles in Minnesota. It's so green and so treed! And then suddenly we are in open country where there are fields as far as the eye can see and nary a tree to behold. barns...llamas, donkeys, cows... And roads that seem to go forever before and behind you. Gas in MN was $3.81 at Fleet Farm and $4.09 in So. Dakota!!!! How much is gas where you live? In Michigan the day before yesterday we saw cars and trucks and RVs for sale all along the way miles and miles of vechiles for sale in front of peoples houses. Sad this. Such a statement on our current economy. Where is everyone? Where are the summer travelers such as ourselves? We were it! I drove three hours today and followed at one time two motorcycles, one big truck, but otherwise I had the miles of road to myself. No one in sight, no traffic...NONE! We landed in Pierre, South Dakota this evening. Had dinner out for a change...a "burger meal" not great...but warm. (I actually had tenderloin pork and turkey sandwich)... Backing up a bit we stopped in Clark , MN or was it S. Dakota around one p.m.? I forget now, and had a nice picnic lunch at a city park in this tiny burg. I swung on the swings afterwards. It was a nice clean park but again we were the only ones there. I wondered where the children were? It's wasn't particularly hot out? At one point we wondered if the world had come to an end and we were it's sole survivors but it wasn't being told on the news. LOL We also stopped later at an antique store...I found a treasure trove of fabric and embroidery floss and lace for my projects. 3 yrds of cotton for backing for a quilt for $2. What a deal!!!! So now you are caught up...tomorrow we head to Rapid City and see another old homestead of DH's childhood. (Oskota, MI was the other one)... and hopefully Custer State Park and lots and lots of buffalo! Not sure when I can check in again...this motel gave me half an hour on their computer. And they have exercise equipment, but truth be told I am too tired to get on it right now. A good nights sleep sounds grand. Happiness on you all. ADDENDUM: I got up early to use treadmill in motel but none work. Poor sleep, worse bed in trip so far. Was convex in shape and I was on a "hill or ledge" and DH down in the valley below...I of course kept falling off my ledge into his valley...he slept fine, but I did not. I dreamt some so must have fallen asleep toward morning. I had a gab fest sitting on the floor with Obama (my second Obama dream of late. He is so personable and fun to be with); and then I bumped into Meryl Strep getting out of storm she had to pass me at a gate. Her daughter was with her. I tried to ignore the fact that she was someone famous. Later she came into the room where I was with lots of other people and she spoke to me in Yiddish. I did not understand a word she said. But she too was very pleasant. I forgot to mention my knitting yesterday. I have finished the back and two fronts to a cardigan sweater I am knitting my grand daughter, while we drive for hours in the car. Started one sleeve yesterday. It's in rainbow colors called Crayola in a bounce acrylic nubby variegated yarn. Very soft and very cute. She'll love it. Picked up heart shape buttons in all the different colors for it at a quilt shop. Oh, my SIL gave me an early BD gift of Paint Stiks for painting on fabric. Can't wait to try them out when I get home. Now I think you are caught up. I need to see if I can get these treadmills to work. I need the exercise. Enjoy the day.


  1. Good to hear DH is feeling better enough to drive. Sounds like trip is on again.
    Good deal on material. I never see material at garage sales and antique stores.... Your nose sure sniffs it out. :)
    Glad you were able to blog and let us know how the trip is progressing. Can't wait for the pix to go along with it. :)

  2. oh and That is strange that no one is on the HWY in summer. Guess you wont be in any traffic jams out there. :)

  3. Is lack of traffic possibly due to the area of the country? For example up here in NH unless you are near a larger city, no traffic. Such a difference only an hour south of here in Mass.

    Gas is 4.09 here. Nothing under 4$

    Have fun on your trip. Best, Suki

  4. Read your addendum. Sounds like your having fun in your dreams too. lol
    Your Grand Daughter's sweater will be all done by the time you get home. Hope you got to exercise. Bummer about the bed but at least DH slept and he is driving the most. :)


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