Thursday, June 26, 2008

On The Road Again in South Dakota

I am obviously addicted to my blog and my blog friends, as here I sit in an Internet cafe with 15 minutes to pound out the latest update of our road travels. Yesterday we enjoyed driving into S. Dakota, with me finally sharing the driving. Stopped at a 1880's Town museum that was created for the filming of Dancing With Wolves movie with Kevin Costner. It was extremely well done, and I got lots of photos that I will eventually share. From there we next stopped at Ellsworth Air force Base and museum. DH lived from ages 6-9 here and his father was stationed at this base. So more nostalgia for him. We went down into a missle silo, saw Dwight D. Eisenhower's plane he flew in the war. And lots of other important airplanes. The highlight for me was going into a little shop just off base with the sign: Angeliques's Sewing & Embroidery overhead. Little did I know who I was going to meet and befriend. Angelique's business which at first put me off, as she embroiders words and numbers on military uniforms for military personnel, expanded before my eyes when I saw she also made lotions from goats milk. She raises the goats and turns their milk into awesome lotions and soaps. She gave me a sample and I bought a small container to take home. We got to talking and I found out her love of art with embroidery and knitting. She knits and felts hats which she showed me and they are wonderful to behold. I took photos to share later as well. Angelique, originally from Jamaica and later England, now So. Dakota promised she would try blogging and I assured her she'd have a rich market for her hats and soaps there. Her website is if you want to check her out. I really left her shop feeling I had made a new friend. We had dinner picnic style in a beautiful park we have visited before in the town of Rapid City, another former home of DH's. We also visited the Dinosaur Park and "played" near the big dinosaurs he played on as a child. Sleep was good, dreams were strange, I was bagging mail, separating things to shred, and toss? I'll leave the interpretation to you. This morning we stopped at a quilt shop and I got green fat quarters of leaves... and took more pictures of beautiful quilts. Fred's drinking the coffee that let me use this computer. Now we'll head to Custer State Park, and Deadwood. We are celebrating my entering my 68th year! Where did the time go? Hugs to all. Your intrepid traveling friend, Lynn


  1. Good to hear from you and how your trip is going. Sounds like you're finding plenty to keep you happy. :)
    From knitting shops to quilt shops and museums. and a computer to use now and then. Great for us.
    Sounds like DH is feeling better.
    Happy traveling. Oh the friends you encourage. Good for you. :)

  2. hmm forgot to comment on that dream.
    Bagging and shredding mail and papers? Maybe the stress is leaving you by bagging the mail and getting rid of it all is the shredding. They say it takes two weeks to at least begin to really unwind and relax on a vacation.

  3. Hey happy birthday. Sounds like a great way to initiate yourself into your 68th year. I lOVE goats milk and goats milk products, such as cheese, soap and handcreames. Cool story. Well, thanks for keeping in touch. I don't think I could do that whilst traveling. I get too disoriented and too much in the nowness of the place and people. Plus overstimulated.

  4. Your trip really is fun. One day I hope to do a cross continent kind of drive like that in good company. And yes, blogging is addictive even when traveling. It's fun to update and share adventures.


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