Friday, June 27, 2008

South Dakota to Wyoming Beauty Everywhere

We said good bye to Deadwood this morning and drove to Terry Peak, the place where General Terry, Custer's Commander, sent him into was a high peak and I do not do heights well, but tried looking up from my knitting to see the view when DH suggested I do so. I have to say it was breathtakingly beautiful when I could catch my breath. We got out to take pictures at Bridal Veil Falls, another spectacular site among many we saw today and for the past several weeks. This was in Spearfish Canyon and I cant wait to show you photos of the yellow spurge, and purple flowers that were in abundance among the pine tree forests and jagged rocks. We took I90 to Wyoming and to Vore Buffalo Jump...the place where they are excavating buffalo bones from this huge hole where the Indians ran the buffalo to kill them for food and hides and tools. A couple of young college students were our very informative guides. Next we stopped at Devils Tower. This is a favorite of both of ours. The photos will be wonderful but nothing quite compares from actually being there. It's this huge rock that comes up out of the ground (from a volcanic explosion) and towers up I forget sorry how high into the sky. The lines of erosion on it's sides is awesome to behold.I do think I have over used that statement many times about things we have seen on this trip, but it fits, what can I say? We took the 1.3 mile hike around the tower, some up hill hiking that left me physically out of breath...too many hours in the car and not enough walks of late leave me realizing I NEED to be doing more physically and soon before I lose all I gained up to starting this trip. But the hike was great, the view wonderful and again just filled with so much beauty in nature. We picnicked at a spot where we could just sit and stare at the tower. We drove through the Big Horn Mts that are covered in snow, enjoyed more wide open spaces filled with wild flowers and trees and red, orange rocks that are millions of years old. Now we are in a very charming clean motel that is full of hanging plants and lovely gardens. The owner was kind enough to lend me her lap top to blog tonight. Tomorrow we head to Yellowstone again, and then on to Idaho, Seattle, Portland, Glide and Roseburg, Oregon. Hoping you all are well and enjoying life to the fullest. I do believe we are.


  1. Today sounded wonderful.
    I can't believe how fast this trip is going by to me. Once again I can't wait for the pix. oh and I can't wait for the last part of trip also. :)

  2. Your trip sounds idyllic...spotless little motels where you can blog after a day of breathtaking beauty. What a blessing life on this earth is.

  3. Lisa in Santa CruzJune 28, 2008 at 11:15 PM

    Lynn, fun to "see" all these places you are going- you are such a descriptive writer, your words do create images in my mind.
    Nice! and Happy Birthday!


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