Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Photos from the trip...

I invite you to enlarge these by double clicking on photo to see details...they are as yet unedited photos but good enough for now. A taste of some of our wonderful days on this trek.

Five unknown women in a sea of flowers in Yellowstone National Park

Buffalo stopping traffic in Custer State Park, So. Dakota

Custer State Park, So. Dakota Buffalo, one of many.

South Dakota Donkey for HB:

Slyvan Lake in South Dakota, which we walked around. Another beautiful day.


  1. again... I've gotta say it... how I wish I was on the trail with you all... it looks like you're having such fun... and the dandelions from the previous post... the sea of them... what could be more enchanting to me I have no idea...

    peace... and say hi to your hubby for me!


  2. Lovely photos. You must be at your brothers, having use of a computer w/photo program? Thanks for sharing. The sea of

  3. wow wow wow
    wonderful places you've been to...
    oh my little cute donkey... thanks Lynn for posting this pic... seems he is enjoying the grass he's eating... look at his face ...

    and that scerene lake invites the crow to have a plunge!(though she doesn't know how to swim!)
    thanks for sharing you happy moments with us...
    hugs and kisses.

  4. oh I missed these pictures. How lovely they all are and this is just a teaser too.

  5. ps.. Would loved to have been in the middle of all that sea of flowers. wow

  6. Fantastic Pictures Lynn, thanks so much for posting all of these. (Just a's Sylvan Lake, guess how I knew that.)


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