Sunday, July 6, 2008

Visiting Cris




One of the most fun stops on our way, and anticipated was meeting Cris In Oregon, The Artist, in person!

This visit was of course planned out months ago, talked about between the two of us, and looked forward to with great anticipation. I dare say we were not disappointed.

We arrived at Cris' very charming home to be greeted by Cris, her dear husband, Con, and their vivacious boarder collie, Annie.
The photos Cris posts of their garden and home are good, but seeing them in real life is even better. The roses are rosier, the ambiance homier, it's all just grand.

And to have the honor to view her art first hand, well, it's just awesome. I got to show DH all her paintings on the walls: "Come here, look at this one", then, "Look at this one." He loved the Lanterns best of all. I could not choose a favorite.

Cris knew she'd be the reciprocate of one of my little "car art mats" (although hers was just machine done at home before we left)...she in turn gifted me beyond measure and belief. First of all she had things she had gleaned at a garage sale for my grand kids (a huge container of marking pens in every color imaginable); a button box full of a wide variety of buttons for ME!; a fun plate from Minnesota thinking DH was from there, his mom and sister live there now; some exqusite batik fabric and another floral print fabric both which I look forward to turning into something fun; and then...are you sitting down?

Cris GAVE ME an original Cris Marlow painting! She made it special for me. It is a tree and a bird and just the most special gift!!! I cannot tell you how honored I felt and am to receive this beautiful gift. I am going to try to quilt it, as my first quilt for my "Around the World In 20 Quilts" group is to be a tree!

The visit was too short, and I promise the next time will be longer. The good news is we go to Oregon at least once a year, so the chances of it happening again are good.

But for now, I am happy I got to meet this woman who I have felt was a good friend for sometime now, in person.


  1. Oh my.. what a lovely write up of your visit with me. I am honored & speechless. It really was fun to meet in person. I felt like I was meeting an old friend. It made it all real. We came out of the monitor was what you said when we hugged upon meeting. :):)

    The visit was way to short. The time just flew by.
    Lynn really is the genuine lovely talented person she comes across in blog land. :) I got to see her War brides quilt she has been working on and the workmanship is really awesome. Made all the more so by the embroidery stiching she did in the car while traveling. She has HOURS into that now and it shows it.
    Just wait.. there is an abundance of ideas in her head just waiting to burst out into quilts after this month long car trip. :)

  2. Wow how wonderful to meet an artist you admire so much and to receive such a special gift.

  3. What an absolute treat that must have been. It's so wonderful to communicate with people and then meet new/old friends - I'm so glad you guys got together.
    Welcome home!

  4. i saw the mat on cris's blog, it's wonderfully joyful as are these photos. what a special day for you both.

  5. Thanks Cris...I appreciate your kind words here...and when we met, and in emails, etc, etc, etc.
    Does Annie miss me? LOL

    Judy, yes, it is awesome to meet a favorite artist and to receive such a gift as well.

    Mim, I agree and yes, we are adjusting to being back at home, and work. Trying to adjust anyway.
    What a grand month away it was.

    Forever Young, glad you liked the mat. Those were fun to do and share. I'll have to post some of the others I did on the trip in future posts.

  6. Well I think Annie misses Fred more. He played ball with her. lol
    But she was trying to cozy up to you tho. :)
    Oh I forgot to mention that your camera took pix of my flowers beautifully. wowwww the closeups I could never do like that with my camera.

  7. How fun
    To travel
    And share
    With someone
    You have come to know
    On these pages

    Well done!

  8. What a beautiful story... you look all smiles in the picture... and it makes me all smiles thinking about it... and I think how lovely it would be if we could have a HUGE get-together so all of us could enjoy the pleasure of meeting each other in person... in some ways I feel like I know all of you like I know the friends I've had for years... and in some ways more for the writing and sharing of ideas so freely... thanks for telling this perfect story for us...

    peace and love...

  9. Sounds like you had a good time with Cris. Her post sounds the same. So glad you two could meet and exchange ideas. What fun!

  10. It's funny Lynn, but seeing you together like this you look almost like sisters. Your smiles, blond hair of different tints, your glasses. How wonderful a visit it sounds. And all those super lovely gifts Chris collected for you and your grandkids. How sweet. And the painting, especially for YOU. I can't wait to see the quilt of it. And your lovely mat. I do love that fabric of the cats painting. I just think the internet is a miracle, brining people together, creating new friends. Hurrah. I assume you are home now and back to work. Be well, Suki

  11. so exciting when everything becomes real...

    really enjoyed reading and watching...

  12. Oh wow girls, how beautiful you are, both with that awsome charmingly smile:)

    Lynn, thanks so much for your lovely description of the visit, it's funny cause I heard of it days before and thought about you two meeting and would have loved to hire the French Presidents personal aircraft to fly over to Oregon and hug you both:)

    I love the pictures of you and the wonderful gifts you gave each other, and the pictures of the roses and Cris in front of her awsome creative space are soooo beautiful!
    I so enjoyed reading this,

  13. Yes, Hopper it would be a fun reunion/meeting/gathering for all of us here to be somewhere in hope is to one day to be able to say I've meet all my blogmates personally...even the ones in Europe and Iran. Could happen...all is possible.
    In the meantime, I sure enjoy you all here.

    Yes, Bobbb it was fun and is good!
    Cris and I are great communicators.

    Katie Jane, it was fun and it will happen again, I am sure of it.

    Yes, Suki, Cris is a very special person, very generous. And I'm proud to be thought of as her "sister". May we all be brothers and sisters here.
    The new quilt is started and growing. Will share some of it soon.
    And yes, I am back at work...

    HB: it's real here too! I love how the internet lets us get to know each other. Glad you enjoyed/y the reading of the trip journal.

    Andrea, I wish you had taken that plane day you shall perhaps and we will all smile together. ;-) ;-) ;-)


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