Monday, July 7, 2008

Terrific Visit With My Son and DIL to be

The first two photos are place mats I made them, one is embroidered by hand and the other is machine done. They loved them, and unbeknown to me they matched the colors of their home decor!

Dan and Jackie opening wedding gifts!

Jackie checking out the quilts on my blog! She likes them... ;-)

And I like my new daughter in law Very Very Much!

Another highlight of our trip was a quick but very sweet stop at my son's home in Portland, Oregon. He's the son who is getting married in August and to whose wedding I am wearing the purple dress!

We had fun getting to know Jackie some more, and we really, really, really like her a lot!


  1. You have a handsome Son. They make a beautiful couple. How wonderful the mats matched their colors they have. How well you know people. :):)

  2. That's cool, Lynn. Aren't portable computers great, you can share youre quilts! Glad you had time with your son and his beloved before the wedding. Lovely. be well, suki

  3. wish them a happy happy life... like your quilt...

  4. the mats are lovely. she looks like a 'sheina meidel' to me, and mazeltov again.

  5. Cris, yes, he is good looking, looks just like his mother! Tee hee. LOL
    Suki, yes her laptop came in handy...and they are the ones who asked for a quilt wall hanging for a wedding gift. I am so happy they want one from me. (The purple Clemitis).
    HB: I will and thanks.
    FY: She is a doll. Tell me the exact translation of this Yiddish please. I am weak in that language.
    But got the drift. ;-)
    (beautiful gal?)

  6. Lynn, a handsome son with his beautiful girlfriend, I'm glad you like each other:) The placemates are terrific, I love the colours!


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