Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Visiting Richard and Celeste and Poncho in Seattle, WA

Our trip was made all the more wonderful with visits to friends, old, new, near and far. (These visits are not being told in order that they occurred, but all will be told in time).

Richard was first DH's friend, they met in their 20's both living and working in Berkeley, California. This is the same circle of friends that included our friend, Jim, who died recently. I first met Richard at a party at his house in Berkeley.
He came up to me (I had come as DH's date, we had just recently met) and R. took me aside to say to me: "You better not hurt him!" Such a command that was. I knew then that this man I was dating had to be a very special person to have such friends who cared so much for him and his welfare.

Richard is a poet (published I might add), retired from being a writer at Microsoft for many years, and now does amazing volunteer work with troubled teens. He teaches them to use poetry to write their stories in poetry as a healing tool. He publishes their poems in small books. You can see his website at Pongo Publishing.

His wife, Celeste, is also our friend from way back then. She is an artist of great renown. She drew the wonderful art on the covers of the Pink Sheet/Datebook of the San Francisco Chronicle and later for the Seattle Times. She shared with me her latest work which will be illustrations for a children's book a friend is writing.
She also did the illustrations for Richard's book of poetry.
I Googled her name and got this photo of a catus for you (FY) at:

We had two wonderful days with them enjoying their beautiful home over looking the Puget Sound in Seattle, walking with Poncho their Husky, and just catching up on each other's lives.


  1. What a beautiful sunset, really nice shot, Lynn.

    Their husky is gorgeous:)

  2. Beautiful Huskey. What a glorious view they have too.
    Wow and all that talent. I would love to see her work. You have some really great friends. Thanks for sharing them here.

  3. what nice people, thanx for the cactus link, like it a lot, where can i get some of that kalahari juice? my weight is just spiralling up again!

  4. bad faery: thanks.
    Cris:follow the link to see more of Celestes work.
    FY: is Kalahari juice in her article? I did not read it. See my latest post on Positive Health Eating and Exercise. I really think its about not cheating and exercise. Was so stoked to come home after a month on the road and weight was the same as when I left.
    Good luck with yours.

  5. As the others have said before me, nice people, nice house, great dog and beautiful view and sunset. Your trip so full of wonderous things. thanks for giving us a vicarious trip too via your words and photos. You have a rich life and I dont mean money.

  6. Suki, thank you. My son said to me after visiting him that "he liked the way I lived my life." I took that as a very huge compliment, as I do your words as well. Thanks again.

  7. It's great to see all these pictures..your family and friends - what a wonderful trip you had, and thanks for letting us all enjoy it with you!

  8. What a great meeting, and the pictures are beautiful; thanks for sharing it here. A beautiful place too, and Lynn, your friends look so lucky and happy:) The dog too!:)
    I'll check the links you put in here, thanks so much for sharing your precious moments with us,


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