Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Visiting Jeri in Idaho

On our way back towards California we stopped in Idaho to visit my friend, Jeri.

Jeri and I went to the same high school, but we didn't really hang out together then. However, we met later, about eight ? years ago, when Jeri came to California for a reunion of sorts with several of our classmates from high school. Then we clicked. And have been emailing each other pretty much on a daily basis ever since.
This was our second visit to Idaho in Jeri's charming home. She became widowed two years ago and set out to create her home to show her own personality. She painted every room, lots of Marve and Burgundies, very feminine throughout. And Jeri has a green thumb that you would not believe. Her flowers and her garden dishes she creates are simply beautiful to see. And I envy her way with moss, something I have not been able to get to grow in my garden. But hers is lush. We enjoyed a very restful day there with Twinkle and Slicker, her two cats. Unfortunately I did not capture Slicker on film.

Thank you Jeri for another really wonderful, restful, enjoyable time. Thanks for your warm hospitality. And I am so proud of you and your "big accomplishment" for which you got chocolate from me to celebrate! Way to go!!!!

Jeri and I are NOT going to our 50th class reunion in 2009! Just not our cup of tea.

Jeri checks in here, but she does not leave comments. But if you want to say hi to her you can. She'll like that.


  1. Hi Lynn (well, Lynniskynni:) and hi Jeri, Jeri you are very beautiful, and so are your flowers and your cat, the one Lynn took a picture of.

    What a wonderful thing to be friends and to keep the friendship alive, not only through emails but "in person":) Oh I understand so well that call reunions may not be your cup of tea:) I remember one awful highschool (well, the German equivalent) meeting many many years ago, but then I think it was because the class in which I were until I graduated (girls only) was full of nasty bitchy young girls, LOL, (I do not count myself in there!)

    Anyway, great that you two have been able to meet again, and thanks for sharing this moment!

  2. Hi Jerry you look so relaxed in your chair. I'd love to see your house, redecorated to reflect you. How great.

    Lynn just love that first photo. Gorgeous. I have nominated you for an award. Do stop by my blog and pick it up if you wish. Be well, Suki

  3. Andrea, I know very well that you were not one of the "bitchy girls" in your class. You, like me, probably chose to distance yourself from that ilk. Good for you.

    Suki, I am coming in to see my reward. Thank you!!!!
    Yes, isn't that butterfly awesome. She posed so nicely for me too.

  4. Oh how did I miss these yesterday.
    I love the butterfly photo. Your camera captures things so wonderfully. Hi Jeri, I love the sound of your home Lynn talked about, your flowers and I love the white rocker on the wooden deck. it looks peaceful there. It's nice that you got reacquainted and keep in touch now. One can never have to many good friends. :)

  5. how precious these times are, and they are all we have left...sigh.


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