Friday, July 11, 2008

More Tripping: Flowers, Fossils and Devils Tower

A wonderful museum of fossils and geodes etc:

A pair of old fossils:

Came specially to find this excavation site:
An excavation of Buffalo bones was awesome to behold:
I absolutely LOVE Devils Tower no matter how many times we visit it. It is such a spiritual place...the Native Americans see it that way too.
On the Road again:
A field of daises took our breath away:
And then A field of dandelions took our breath away:

Needless to say we were quite out of breath after this trip ended. ;-)


  1. Awesome. Where is the Devils Tower? I have a photo of me as a little girl in front of it. I was there. I need to find the photo.

  2. Devil's Tower? Is that the mountain from Close Encounters of the Third Kind? The museum looks like a place I would absolutely love!

  3. ha ha how does your DH put up with you? lovely photos, you are having such fun and doing all the things you have always wanted to do, good for you and the fossil!

  4. These are all wonderful things you did. Love the bones, tower, the husband next to the monster, you are so clever, the fields of flowers. Thank you.

  5. Cris, Devil's Tower is in Wyoming. Would love to see the photo of you as a child standing in front of it.
    I love walking around it. The energy there is very special.

    Bad Faery: Yes, it is the same from Encounters of a Third Kind.
    I like the story of the Indian children escaping the bear running up the tower and the stridations are made by the bear, but the children disappear into the sky safe at last best.

    FY: I asked DH how he puts up with me, and he said he thinks "it's about reincarnation, that he's come back and I am the Karma he has to work through as some punishment for his past sins."

    (BTW it was his idea to pose by that dinasour head for his kids at school)

    Suki, thank you! Glad you enjoy all these.

  6. Oh, this picture of the dandelions is absolutely wonderful. I've always loved dandelions...

    You look as though you two have so much fun traveling, and you certainly do cover a lot of ground!


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