Saturday, July 12, 2008

Vacationing at Home in San Francisco Through Collages

Yesterday we went to San Francisco for the day. Never done traveling when we can.

Now these are out of order...but they start at the model ship shop on Hyde Street pier where DH got to talk ships and ship history (a love of his) with three guys down there building ship models. All very friendly...and lest I feel left out it turned out two of their wives are ART QUILTERS one of great renound having won many top prizes in many art shows around the country! And he himself had models he made in several museums, two of which we went to see yesterday. His name is Paul Reck. Unfortunately, I cannot remember his wifes name.
(The guy in the photo is Tom, but didn't get his last name). The second photo is taken down in the hull of the C.Y. Thayer, a tall ship being refurbished on the pier. We stood in her bottom a long time while DH and the Ranger (female) chatted about the ships history and current state. The rest of this collage are flowers I saw in the Cannery area near by on our way to lunch at the Russian Deli. Don't forget to double click photos to enlarge them. The flowers are worth it especially.
DH's favorite music store had moved from the Cannery to Valencia street downtown so these are a parting shot at the pier and ships, a church and capitol building seen on the way...some neighborhood doorways and flowers found...we also went to one garage sale in that neighborhood and there were lots of goodies, but way to expensive...big city prices so I left it all there... I did like that Indian elephant on that garage door however....
Here we are in the music store called Lark In The Morning, now on Valencia Street in SF.
DH dearly loves the concertina...but they are so expensive...He has one but likes these nicer ones, and they did sound good, even to me who isn't especially fond of their sound.
We passed a synagogue, some interesting painted houses, before arriving at Fort Mason near the water again, where we went into the Friends of the Library bookstore and where I did buy one book for $2. It's set in Egypt and Israel and is a mystery.
I had to smile at the field of yellow daises I saw there with this family picnicking amidst them...much like the ones we saw in Wyoming earlier this month. Hey, we have those here too.
The next photo is an art shot of the Golden Gate Bridge on our way to Tiburon, where I chatted up a very interesting woman in a fancy shop there. Nice stuff to look at but too pricey to think of buying. Fun to look.

And finally, I could not resist these lovely flowers (also found near the Cannery and pier area) thinking they would make beautiful art photo cards. I need to get busy on those and open my Etsy shop soon.

and now you are at the beginning...

Entering San Francisco today looking for clear blue skies and fresh cool air... Enjoying the first sites of farmers market, runners, and arriving at the Hyde Street Pier.
Being entertained at the pier by volunteer actors acting out a workers strike. I got caught up in the acting and could be heard to cheer and help one actor with his next DH looks on...

A fun day had by all.


  1. lovely shots of my favorite city or at least favorite of those I've seen..

  2. Wow.. these are cool. I need to learn how to do this collage thing.
    I will have to go back and really look them over again tho.
    But it sounded like a wonderful day by the bay. :)

  3. Cris, it's easy to do. Just click Collage at the bottom of your Picasa program and follow along.
    I showed you how when I was there.

  4. Nice pics - and what a trip !!
    Been too busy to write much - But I'm following along...

    Keep em comming

  5. Great trip, great photos! I'm sure Mayor Bloomburg would approve.

  6. ;=), Hey, Sixty-five, thanks for that response.
    Bobb...glad you are enjoying the ride too...

  7. this is definitely one place i've still gotta see! lovely photos, thanks.

  8. Well, FY, do come over and we will show you around. That would be grand fun!


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