Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Quilt "Night Owl"

My just finished new quilt can be seen at Textile Art Quilts by Lynn. Get there by going to the link on my side bar under My Other Blogs to the right side of this post.


  1. Lynn you are so speedy. Love this quilt inspired by Cris' painting. The tree, the night sky. Very peaceful. I see it hanging over someone's bed.

  2. I have an award waiting for you on my blog!
    Please stop by to pick it up.
    Greetings Marianne

  3. Hi Lynn... so do you guys ever stop!!! you've been traveling nonstop for a while now eh??? and I hope you're never going to stop... love all the photos of San Fran... and the quilt in the other blog is very cool... though I don't think I could take it out in the woods with me camping for a bedspread... I'd be too afraid of getting it smoky and dirty!

    thanks for always dropping by to see me and take care... oh and do say hi to your hubby for me... seems like I know you two quite well by now... and if he'd like to talk ships you should convince him to go to Newfoundland next summer... there's an endless supply of fellas who love to talk about nothing but boats and the water and all their sea stories (actually I'm one of them... tell him I'm an OPB and see if he knows what I mean;)


  4. Suki, thanks, glad you like it, me too. ;-) Right now it's hanging in our family room which is now my "studio".

    Marianne, thank you too, I'll be over to collect my award. Too sweet.

    Hopper, yes, we do keep moving...
    That quilt would not cover you in the woods or elsewhere, it's only 12" X 20" and is more a wall hanging! A small picture.
    My DH would LOVE to go to Newfoundland. He wants to go to Nova Scotia where his family was from and sailed from those many years ago. When he wakes I'll ask him about being an OPB.


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