Monday, July 14, 2008

Visiting Sam and Abby in Oregon, Memorializing Jim

The last visit on our trip was a mixture of sadness, nostalgia, and laughter and tears. We went to So. Oregon to visit our friend Sam, as we had visited for the past ten years, Sam and Jim and their daughter Abby, on the July 4th weekend. Only this time we'd be memorializing Jim's memory after his sad death the month before.
Jim as we remember him: dear friend, fly fisherman, mechanic, musician of many talents, ...we miss you Jimmy. Daughter Abby looking at old photos...
A photo from a visit some years ago: DH, Sam and Jim
Jim and DH playing music late into the night on one of our many visits to them.
DH playing and singing songs that he and Jim used to play together. Jim's 88 yr old mother's face in right side of photo.
This afternoon I walked my 1940's America's Greatest Generation Art Quilt up to the
art gallery for the members' show that starts this Saturday.
It was fun to see other's art already there. An oil painting of V-Day in front of the San Francisco train station; A ship landing in France on V-day also a painting; a mixed media collage of a very starched 1940's half apron on a wooden cutting board, a flour sifter, all adhered to a wooden tray that was decoupaged with the recipes this artists mother had given her when she went off to college. Lovely stuff.
Can't wait to see the rest.


  1. Hi Lynn...
    this is kinda sad... sorry to hear about your friend... hopefully you've got lots of good memories and it was a kind of celebration of life memorial... that's what I'd want...

    and to put your husband's mind at ease... OPB... it's an old mariners term for a Newfoundlander who's a good navigator and sailor but doesn't have a craft of his own... what he does is try to find berths on OTHER PEOPLE'S BOATS... it's what I did for a couple summers... got to see a fair bit of the atlantic coast of canada and the usa that way... I've got a navigators certificate from the canadian coast guard and most people that own big sail boats have no idea how to sail... they need people like me to do the plotting and rigging and all the safety stuff and the radio work... they still get to wear the captain's hat though... it's a mutually beneficial arrangement as far as I'm concerned because I just love to be on the water... there's salt water in all our newfie blood...

    see ya again soon Lynn :)

  2. what a lovely posting Lynn. A real testament to your friend and your friendship.
    peace to you.

  3. Yes it is a wonderful memorial of your friend.
    Nice to see the photos.
    Thats great you got your quilt into the gallery. Cant wait to hear about the opening on Saturday night.

  4. Dont forget to take pix of some of those other Art pieces in the show saturday night. :)

  5. Hi Lynn,
    This is a sad story, and it is so lovely that you had the occasion to visit his wife and daughter and to remember good times together!

    I'm looking forward to your pictures of the show, once it will open,have a lovely day

  6. a blessing your friend has got friends like you and your husband...
    sure she can tolerate the loss more easily when real friends are around...

    me too happy your work was on the show and wait to see more of it.


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