Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More of our visit with Sam in Oregon on the Forth of July.

I love visiting my friend, Sam, in Oregon...see her beautiful smile? (This photo should be on it's side as Sam was lying down, having put her back out the day or so before we got there...) but her smile was there anyway, through all the pain...and grief...
Her sense of humor in tact, her garden in bloom and all her creative and artistic talent inside and outside her home. I love walking around it with my camera and taking photos of all her artwork. We always stop at the Umpqua River before getting to her house. It is so beautiful and peaceful. It felt especially so this year as we rested there before going up to be together with our friends knowing we were entering a time of grief for them and us.

Happy Forth of July...Sad Forth of July...but promises for spending future Fourths of July's together.


  1. What cool yard ornaments.
    Nice to see Sam too. I understand her back pain too. Hope she is better now.
    I hope you have many visits with Sam as we arent that far from her. :):)
    You got a great shot of that River too.
    What a cool bike too. I love bikes in photos & paintings. seems to be the second one I saw on someones blog today too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I hope Sam will get better soon, sa sad but so much courage and spirit!

    An award is waiting for you on my blog!
    Love >M<

  3. I can see why you love visiting your friend. Just from the pictures I can tell it is a very special place.

  4. hey 'our' tree looks fabulous in your header. LOL How cool is that?

  5. Hi Lynn, and hello to your friend Sam with the beautiful smile, I hope she is fine now! I love the whimsical things you photographed with so much talent here! These are great pictures, they take me away on a little trip with lots of humour and love,
    love to you

  6. Like your banner. sam's garden decorations are really great. Glad to see Sam smile. I can understand about the back too, the body saying whoa there. She's been through so much. Thanks for sharing her world with us.

  7. wow...
    she IS creative... more than that...
    she is the creator of a world of her own... and we enjoy to be in it...
    blessing and peace for her


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