Friday, July 18, 2008

More Wild Life

The grasshopper who got a ride from us somewhere in Wyoming...for Hopper! Silly little chipmunk running around on beautiful rocks
A beautiful rabbit outside Sylvan Lake
Awesome Prong Horn Antelope
And humongous buffalo
It's hard to admit vacation is over...nice to have photos to go back
over and over and re-live it all again.


  1. very nice shots..
    we enjoy them, too.
    who gets tired of nature?
    thanks Lynn for sharing.

  2. great photos. That buffalo is amazing, all that hanging fur? Wow.

  3. oh I love the Rabbit. how cute it is. nice shots. yep photos bring back a trip or something special in a blink of an eye. Sorry the trip is over but glad you had a great time.


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