Friday, July 18, 2008

Speedy Recovery Wishes To Con and Cris

Our Cris's husband Con is going into surgery this morning for his recent "saw accident" to repair his fingers. I am sending him lots of positive energy, good wishes, prayers, for a complete and speedy recovery.
May this go easy on Cris as well.

Flowers and photos from our recent visit with her in Oregon.
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  1. my heart joins yours to wish him and cris health and happiness.

    sure the presence of Cis makes the surgery easier for him...

  2. Sending my prayers and healing thoughts as well.

  3. all our hearts are with cris and con this week. sorry i haven't been keeping up with all your posts, have been very preoccupied these past few weeks and stressed at work.

  4. oh Lynn I just saw this. how sweet of you to post this. Con looks good here. whole hands too. but he is going to be OK in time. Not much keeps him down. Thanks everyone for your caring thoughts.
    Hugs to you all. PS. horrible pix of me.. LOL


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