Saturday, July 19, 2008

House Cleaning by day, Art Gallery, Marina Walk by Night

Well these are a bit backwards but that's know how that goes...
this is part of the gift shop area at the art gallery and I have cards for sale on the rack there. There was also some very beautiful pricey jewelry for sale...
this is some art that is outside
This is later in the evening when we went to Suisun and walked along the marina.
There was some entertainment in the park, and these three young ladies sang in harmony
like you would not believe. It was amazing!

We also saw this California Sunset boat that you can take rides on down the slew.

And we thought it might be fun to do when our grand kids come to visit...

but DH would really like to rent a Kyak and go that mode of travel.

The sun was setting after we'd walked for maybe half an hour.

Another of our impromtu romantic dates! ;-)

We invited our neighbors, Dave and Donna to go with us tonight, but Dave had to work on his car...we said bye as we were leaving for the art gallery... I really liked this oil painting of a couple being reunited after the war.
OH, here's my piece...fancy that, on a nice wall at eye level too!

I liked this mixed media piece as apron, cutting board, flour sifter, on a tray that was decoupaged with recipes from the era...

Just back from art gallery show, found out I won two door prizes from the last juried show. One is funny. It's a free appraisal for jewelry at a jewelers. I have NO jewelry, nada. I'll give it to my girlfriend. Or see if they'll appraise my mother's silverware again.
I also won a gift card from a local Mexican Restaurant. My girlfriend, Patty, won a free hair cut and style. I do believe she bought both of our tickets for the drawings so by rights all the prizes are hers! LOL She's coming up next Friday, we'll have to go to that Mexican restaurant for lunch together and see how much they'll cover it.

Not a huge crowd at the gallery, and when we got there everyone was listening to a speaker who was talking of her time in Japan in the war. Not the Holocaust as I had been led to believe. So I never saw anyone looking at my piece.
At least it got a good spot on a wall this time at eye level. DH looked at it and read the two page piece I wrote about it.Then we left and drove to a nearby town and walked the marina there. It was a bit breezy out but nice none the less. I took a lot of photos.

Did I mention that we cleaned the house good today? Got a lot done, a lot more to do however.
I hung my quilts in places that give them good individual viewings throughout the house.
My own personal art gallery!


  1. Oh how funny you are just now finding out you won door prizes from last show. congrats. :)I bet your quilt showed up nicely.
    I hope you got pix there.
    Work, and play.. perfect day. :):)
    Look forward to the pix from tonight.

  2. ps.. Glad to hear you are hanging you quilts to enjoy. Gets you motivated to do more.

  3. Nice pics Lynn... love that one of the sculpture and those of the kayak's... and the quilts are so pretty too...

    did you ever pass on the word to your hubby about the OPB's for me??? lol... I know... that was a bad newfie joke...

    OH... do you know about newfie jokes??? let me know... and if not I've got a few for you!!!


  4. Hopper: DH does not know what OPB means, please tell all. And feel free to post some newfie jokes here as well. Glad you enjoyed my photos. It was very peaceful at the water last night. DH is really drawn to it. I could feel his desire to be in one of those kyaks.
    And Hopper, did you notice YOUR Tzdaka Box on the quilt?

    Cris: hope you came back to see the quilt hung. They did put it in a good spot.

  5. Your quilt did get a good spot on the wall. Looks great there.
    How many other quilts were hanging in the show?
    The last one was interesting with the apron.
    Is that a lake with the marina?

  6. So nice for you to see your amazing quilt on the gallery wall.

  7. I need to clean my house, too, but am avoiding it like the plague...

    I think you're inspiring me to hang up some of my art in the house...

    I gave you an award over at Art in the Garage--

  8. Karen, do hang your art. It is so awesome. I love it.
    I love mine hanging in my home too. I am really really proud of it.
    Today I was thinking about what I've made since my first quilting class July 2007 and counted 21 pieces of quilt art. Now that is something to be proud of don't you think?

    Thank you for an award. I am coming to collect right now!!!!

  9. your piece looks fantastic hanging on the wall! congrats!! and congrats on the door prizes too. hehe. :-)

  10. great artworks...
    happy to see yours there too...


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