Sunday, July 20, 2008

Finished Knitted Sweater for Grand Daughter and yarn for #2.

This is yarn for a second sweater for my grandson. I tell you about his buttons down below.
Sometimes the buttons and added decoration is the most fun of a knitted sweater to me.
I love finding buttons that I know will delight the child's eye. These flowers, butterflies, lady bugs and bees are sure to fit the bill for my grand daughter, aged soon to be 4. The yarn is soft boucle and is machine washable and dryable. Only the ladybugs are working buttons, the rest are for show! ;-)

Do double click on the photos to see the richness of this yarn close up and the embellishments too.
uhoh there's a bee on her sleeve too...

I love the varigated yarns that surprise even me the knitter, while working and changing design mid stream. Next I shall start on one for her twin brother in blues, and his buttons are green frogs!

I taught myself to knit when these kids were born. And I'll tell you each year has produced an even better done sweater than the year before, if I do say so myself.


  1. WHAT CANT YOU DO LYNN?? You havent been knitting all that long either.
    This is delightful and the boys will be just as delightful. Love the buttons. but one of the pix wouldnt enlarge. the one with the buttons close up.
    Great job. How long will it take you to do the other sweater?

  2. Cris, If you click on the words above the photo that say that only the lady bugs are working buttons it opens that photo larger. So you'll see all the buttons close up. It's worth it, they are so cute.
    The other sweater will take longer than the first, as the first was nearly all done in the car on our recent across the country car trek.
    My fingers are aching now from trying to get past the bottom ten rows of the back.
    I don't know what I can't do Cris.
    But turning sixty did something to me and I have been tackling new CAN DOs ever since!

  3. You are so ubiquitious (is that spelled right?:) One time we see you behind your needles, another time behind the camera, others behind your sewing machine or stitching in the car!

  4. Andrea, I had to look it up:
    ubiquitous. I wasn't even sure what it meant...funny, smart lady in Paris you are! You are right I am all those places sometimes at the very same time. Life is fun!

  5. I'd think any child would be delighted with these colors and button and bees on the sleeve. Well, I would be too. I love kids fun clothes and think grown ups should wear them too. You are too clever, teaching yourself to knit. Zounds. As i have said before, such a great grandma.

  6. Suki, thanks. I really do believe that becoming a grandmother has been the most fun I have had in my life. I just love all the places it takes me, knitting only being one of those, but BEING with the kids is the very best part of all.
    And then comes making things for and with them...or just making FUN for and with them!!!!

  7. What a lovely sweater. I used to knit but haven't in a while, but I always found it soothing. Your grandkids will love these sweaters.

  8. oh exactly the type and color a kid falls in love with immediately...

  9. you only taught yourself to knit when they were born, very clever....
    how the time must have sped by...
    at last i'm going to be a 'grandie' (not a gran or a grandma or a bobba) as my dil is 13 weeks preggers! yippppeeeee

  10. FY: your news is stupendous! I am so happy for you becoming a "Grandie". Hugs and more's just the best in life...makes growing old(er) a real blessing.

  11. Thank you Mim and HB for your thoughts...yes, soothing...yes, they appreciate what I make them...a real rainbow of colors.


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